Do you have sea glass of your own?

If you collect sea glass and have a favorite piece, I can turn it into one of your favorite pieces of jewelry. Maybe you found a piece of sea glass on a special vacation, or during a memorable walk on the beach. That piece of sea glass should be treasured and worn proudly, not sit on a windowsill. Contact me about making a piece of jewelry for you to treasure. Also keep in mind, if I am using your sea glass you get a discount! I take $10 off the retail price of a similar design for pieces made with sea glass from your collection.

Need a piece made to order?

So, you see a piece you like, but you want to alter it slightly? This is no problem. I normally won’t take a finished piece apart, but I would love to create a similar piece with your specifications. I personally make all of the jewelry, so the possibilities are endless… just ask!

Do you need multiple similar pieces?

If you would like unique bridesmaid gifts or just want to give the same gift to both sisters, I can create multiples of the same piece. Just let me know how many you need. Keep in mind, sea glass shards are like snowflakes so I will do my best to make them match.

Can't find what you have in mind?

Do you have a desire for a brooch or key chain, for example? Let me know your ideas. I can handle most requests and enjoy a challenge. Just because you don’t see it on my site, doesn’t mean I won’t do it.


Don’t be disappointed if you see something that would be too big or too small for you. I can make any necessary changes to size on most jewelry items. If you have your heart set on a piece, I want to make it yours because each piece is a one-of-a-kind.

If you are interested in any of these ideas, please email me or you can simply fill in the form on the contact page. I will do my best to meet your request.