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The Sulu sea glass engagement ring features symmetry to perfection with a single shard of circular sea glass centered among a halo of diamonds in 14 kt white gold. Most tiny round shards of sea glass have decades of ocean tumbling from their past and we like to think this ring is a way to honor that piece of glass and properly feature its history with the upmost respect.

Material – The Sulu is available in 14 kt white gold or sterling silver.  It is recommended that sea glass from my collection be used since this ring requires a very specific shape and size of sea glass. It is possible to use your own glass, but it is important to keep in mind the small and very specific margin for this design. If you would like to use sea glass from my collection, you will need to specify the glass color.  I will select a few pieces from my collection and send you a picture via email for you to choose your favorite.  The Sulu is normally made with diamonds to complement the glass, but many different gemstones can also pair nicely with the glass. Continue reading…

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