The ArabianPortfolio

A visionary balance between glass and stone, The Arabian design centers around harmony.  A particular shape of sea glass works perfectly to provide a nest for the diamond.  The metal of the ring has a flowing movement and holds both elements of the ring.  This graceful movement creates a beautiful ring design.

Material -The Arabian can be made in sterling silver or 14kt white gold.  The sea glass used can be provided by the customer or sea glass from my collection can be used.  If you would like to use sea glass from my collection, you will need to specify the glass color.  I will select a few pieces from my collection and send you a picture via email for you to choose your favorite. The Arabian is normally made with a diamond to complement the glass, but many different gemstones can also pair nicely with the glass.  I can provide a diamond to your specifications or help you in choosing the best diamond for your budget.  You are also welcome to provide the diamond for this design. Continue reading…

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