Sea Glass Wedding Rings

You are ready to pop the big question. You know her style doesn’t fit the norm and would like a ring that is beyond anything offered in a jewelry store. You’re in the right place. I specialize in custom sea glass engagement rings made to last and capture your love of the sea. I promise that working together to design a ring unlike any other will be a fun and unique experience. Each ring is designed and made especially for the recipient, keeping in mind her personality and style. You and I will make sure that the ring is all about her and she will surely say YES!

Custom Orders

The process has to start with a design.  Figuring out a design can start in one of three ways…

1. Choose an existing design   After years of making engagement rings for many happy couples, you may find a design in my portfolio I have done in the past that just calls out to you and is perfect!  I can make a ring similar in design to any of the rings on my portfolio page.  

2. Take an existing design and change it  You are in charge.  If you want a different color glass, bigger or smaller diamond or a gemstone instead, the sky’s the limit.   For both the first and second way of designing, the next step is to figure out the piece of glass to be used.   I will select pieces of glass from my collection for you to choose from or you can provide the sea glass.

3. Start from scratch with a new design   For new designs, it helps if I know more about you!  Let me know your story. The more information you can give me, the more inspired I will be for your design. Tell me how you met, the things you like to do together, the shows you watch, or the beaches you have visited. Most important, tell me why you have chosen to incorporate sea glass into the ring. Once I get a sense of you both, the design process can begin. Let me know the ideas you have in mind for the ring: shape, color, and size of sea glass.  Referring to aspects of designs in my portfolio also helps.  Even if you think your ideas are outlandish or impossible, those are the types of ideas which can result in awesome designs.   When designing from scratch, it is best to choose a piece of sea glass and design around it.    I will select pieces of glass from my collection for you to choose from or you can provide the sea glass.  After a piece of glass is selected, I will sketch possible design ideas to present to you.  Then, I will make changes and create revision design drawings if necessary.

Once a final design is agreed on in one of these three ways and a price has been agreed on, I will send you a written contract.   Your written contract provides you with more information and policies about your purchase and assures both of us that we are on the same page.  At this time, 50% of the quoted price will be due through an online payment process. After your down payment is made, I have the confirmed ring size and all the necessary materials are on hand, I will begin construction on your ring. When the ring is completed, I will send a series of pictures of the ring for your approval and your remaining balance will be due. Following the receipt of your final payment, I will fully insure the shipment of your ring to you. Then it is all up to you to pop the question.

Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a diamond be incorporated into the design?
Yes, diamonds and sea glass look beautiful together. I can provide the diamond for you with your specifications. You are also welcome to provide the diamond for your ring, it can be a diamond that you purchase and send to me or a family heirloom could also be an option.
What metal do you use?
I offer rings in white gold and sterling silver. When the design incorporates a gemstone or diamond, white gold is the only metal option I provide. Sterling silver is not reliable for holding diamonds or gemstones in an engagement ring.
What is the cost of an engagement ring?
Pricing starting at:

  • Silver ring without a gemstone or diamond: $231
  • 14kt White gold ring without a gemstone or diamond:$605
  • 14kt White gold ring with a gemstone:$960
  • 14kt White gold ring with a 1/4 carat diamond:$1331

*Pricing shown above does not include a separate wedding band and is subject to change, to get an exact quote for a ring please fill out the quote request form.
Final pricing is determined by many factors: design time, color, amount of silver or gold used, design complexity, incorporation of a diamond and multiple pieces. An exact quote for your ring will be given once a final design is agreed upon and before construction.

What can I do, if I don't know my girlfriend's ring size?
I will need this information. So you don’t have to ruin the surprise, it is best to ask someone who might know or be able to discreetly find out. It is better to be a little on the larger side so it can be sized down, if necessary. If the size does need to be changed please see the next question.
Can the size of the ring be changed?
Whenever possible it is best to get a confirmed ring size before the ring is made, however sometimes it is not possible without ruining the surprise. The ring size can be changed, however doing so requires a welder because of the delicacy of the sea glass. If a change in size is needed after you propose, I am happy to do this for you. One free resize, within one year, is included with the purchase of your ring. You would just need to cover the shipping for sending the ring back and forth.  I am also able to help you find a jeweler near you who could do the work. Depending on the jeweler, you may be charged $50 – $100 for this service, which you would be responsible for.
How long does the process take?
The entire process can usually be completed within 5-6 weeks. A lot of this depends on how quickly decisions are made by you. Although I prefer to have at least one month for construction, if you are in need of a faster timeline, please let me know; I can usually accommodate your request. Depending on my workload I will do whatever I can to get your ring to you as fast as possible. My schedule for 2017 summer is filling fast, if you are in need of a ring soon, please contact me so we can get started!
Do you offer financing?
Payments for engagement rings are normally, 50% before construction and 50% before shipment. I am always flexible when it comes to payments, if you would like to discuss other options or a longer payment schedule, please don’t hesitate to ask.
How strong is sea glass, is it going to break?
Sea glass has stood the test of time being thrown and shifted constantly in the ocean and through this process, it has made it surprisingly very strong.  I use only the best pieces of sea glass for my engagement rings and after years of experience with the medium, I know which pieces these are.  The thickness, shape, size and condition of the glass are all factors that I consider when selecting the best pieces.  The thickness of the glass is most important, pieces that are too thin are not considered.  The thickness of the glass also needs to be consistent throughout the piece. The shape of the piece needs to be rounded on all edges and not too rounded on the top and bottom.  The size plays a role in stability as well.  The smaller the piece of glass, the more stable it is and less likely to break because it is already in its smallest form.  The larger the piece, the more likely it is to chip or crack.  The overall condition of the glass is also important.  Fractures in the glass either on their surface or interior are not considered.  This is also why I will not drill sea glass for any of my designs, as I believe it compromises the stability of the glass overall. Over the years I personally have been surprised at the durability and stability of sea glass.  When bezel setting sea glass, I put a great deal of pressure on the glass with pliers and various tools.  I have found as long as all the possible issues as discussed are not a factor, I have no problem putting as much pressure necessary with no breaking or chipping.  If I were to put sea glass on the mohs scale of hardness based on my own criteria above, I would place it between a 7 and 8.  I consider sea glass to be stronger than amethyst and quartz, but not as strong as topaz or sapphire.  As with any precious stone there is some level of risk with cracking or breaking, even diamonds can break.  It is important to take care while wearing all of your jewelry and have it checked by a professional often.  After years of making sea glass engagement rings, I have not had a customer come back with a complaint of the sea glass cracking or chipping.  If a crack or chip were to unfortunately happen, most designs make it possible to easily replace the sea glass if needed.
I am concerned about the diamond/gemstone trade and environmental sustainability, can you explain where you source your materials?
I use a few products in my rings, I am happy to break down where each originates from to give you peace of mind that your ring has good juju.  First and foremost is the sea glass.  This product is as green as it gets.  Most of my collection was found by myself or family members.  In some cases, to have the best selection I do purchase authentic and genuine sea glass from other collectors.  Sea glass is a recycled product, as it was originally a discarded item left as a hazard to the ecosystem.  After being altered by the ocean it is found and recycled into jewelry.  Just as my tagline suggests “it’s what the waves intended”. I purchase my metals and gemstones from two different companies, each with high ethical standards when it comes to sustainability.  Both companies pride themselves in providing products and raw materials that are made from 100% recycled metal, it is these products that I use for my own jewelry.   The gemstones I use in my jewelry are also purchased through these reputable companies and ethical standards also stand true for gemstones.  Both companies are members of the American Gem Trade Association.  Being a member of this association requires commitment and compliance to the best ethical practices in regards to the gemstone trade.  My diamonds are purchased through a private broker.  All proper steps are taken by my broker to ensure that the diamonds provided are acquired through the most ethical and legal standards and are not mined from conflict areas or mines.  All of these factors are important to me as they are to you.   I would only put my name on a product knowing its components were of sound origination for the environment and mankind.  So you can rest assured knowing your ring will not only represent your love, but also a handmade environmentally and humanely sound product.
What kind of warranty do you offer on your rings?
I strive to produce each ring with the best craftsmanship and quality possible.  I am happy to make adjustments or repairs that may be necessary due to an oversight on my part.  Engagement and wedding rings are among the most used pieces of jewelry you will ever own.  It is important to treat it with care at all times.  If damage occurs because of improper care, I will be happy to help you with repairs as necessary for an additional charge.  Over time, your ring may need upkeep repairs, such as retipping prongs or reshanking a band.  These types of repairs are needed because of normal wear on the ring.  I am happy to help you with these repairs for an additional charge.
Do you offer a warranty on the diamonds used on your rings?
When you receive your ring, the diamond will be securely mounted in 14kt white gold.  It is advised that you have the diamond(s) checked at least every 6 months by a trained jeweler to make sure the diamond remains secure in its mounting.  I am not able to check your mounting personally, therefore I can not offer a warranty on the diamond, however it is possible to insure your ring and the diamond through Jewelers Mutual.  For more information about Jewelers Mutual please visit their website.
Do you ship outside the US?
Yes! I am able to ship engagement rings worldwide.
Can you create a ring with just sea glass?
Creating a ring out of just sea glass is not a service I can provide.  The closest to this idea you will find is the top of a bottle that has been found as sea glass.  As an engagement ring, a ring like this would likely break fairly quickly and probably be quite uncomfortable.  Further, it is not possible to melt sea glass in any way to make a ring out of multiple pieces.  If you are in search of jewelry made completely of glass I would recommend contacting a glass blower.  It is possible to make a ring with pieces of glass set in gold or silver next to each other to give a “all glass” look.
I would like to use my sea glass, but the pieces I have are too big, can they still be used?
In some cases I am able to file down a piece of sea glass to be an ideal shape or size to be used in an engagement ring upon request of the customer (this is not something I do unless requested to).  I will only use pieces of glass that I feel will be strong enough and stand the test of time.  I will only be able to determine if a piece of glass is a good candidate by seeing it in person or in a very detailed photograph.
Is it possible to get a wedding band made at a later date?
Yes, but it is much easier to have both rings, the engagement ring and wedding band made at the same time.  If you choose to have the wedding band made at a later date, you will have to send the engagement ring back to me.  I need to make sure the wedding band matches up against the engagement ring perfectly, resizing can’t be done without the ring.  Insurance on the ring depending on the value may be pricey to ship back and forth.
Can you set the sea glass in prongs?
I am dedicated to giving you a quality product that will stand the test of time.  Prong-setting a piece of sea glass leaves the piece of glass extremely exposed and vulnerable to breaking if hit against a hard object.  It is for this reason that I bezel set all of the sea glass in my rings.  Bezel setting provides a wall of protection on a majority of the piece of glass adding the most protection.
I need a ring right away, can you accommodate a quicker timeline?
In most cases, depending on my workload at the time, I can accommodate a quick turn around time.  By all means, ask.  I will see what I can do.  Please note, this will require quick responses and collaboration on your end. I normally have a few engagement rings in stock. If you need a ring right away, one of these may work for you. Just contact me and I will share with what I have on hand.
Do you make mens rings?
Yes! Let me know what ideas you have in mind and we can work together to create a mens wedding ring with or without sea glass.


Meg, I am so happy with my engagement ring. I haven’t been able to stop staring at it and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I am an avid beach comber and I love sea glass. I told Rick right from the start that I prefer sea glass to diamonds (and he’s a very good listener). Thank you for your beautiful creation. It is so ‘me.’
Thank you so much for the ring. Everything went great. I popped the big question at our favorite beach spot as the sun was setting in the ocean. It was beautiful. She absolutely loves the ring!! You did a fantastic job. I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am for all your expertise. It was a magical day that both of us will never forget.
The ring is beautiful and I cant wait to give it to her!!! Thank you so much and I will be using you in the future for jewelry and recommending you to my friends.
Thanks so much for making the sea glass engagement ring for Susan, she loved it (and said ‘yes’). The whole process of deciding on the design, getting a diamond online, shipping it to you, you making the ring and sending it back was a lot easier and took less time than I thought it would take. The ring is spectacular. We really feel the it has a unique quality that you can’t find in a store. We found the sea glass on Grand Cayman during Susan’s daughter’s wedding cruise so it will always have a special meaning to us. Thanks so much for being a part of this special time in our lives.