Frequently Asked Questions

Is your sea glass real?

Yes, all of the sea glass used in my jewelry is genuine and unaltered. With the exception of cleaning them, all the pieces are used just as Mother Nature made them and just as they were found. I do add oil to the surface of some of the darker colors to make the color more brilliant.

Do you find all your sea glass yourself?

No, a majority of my collection is actually collected by my parents. They love looking for sea glass for me and go on trips often to keep my business going. I also have other family members, friends and even customers who have donated to my collection. Occasionally, when a request is made for a color or shape I don’t currently have in my collection, I will seek out other collectors to purchase from them to fulfill the demands of my business.

Where do you find your sea glass?

My collection includes sea glass from the following areas: New England, North Carolina, South Carolina, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, Mexico, Bermuda, Barbados, Grand Cayman Islands, and Puerto Rico. Sea glass can be found on most shores, however, some are more plentiful than others and some finds will be in better condition than others. Sea glass is found in areas that had a high amount of water traffic decades ago. Remember, sea glass can be hundreds of years old, so you need to do some research for best results.

What kind of metal do you use in your jewelry?

I use sterling silver and 14kt white gold for my jewelry.  Please see each products details for the type of metal used on that particular piece.

Can you make my own sea glass into jewelry?

Of course! I would be happy to make jewelry for you with your own sea glass. This is a great idea because it is more sentimental to you! I offer a $10 discount for each piece when you provide the glass. Please contact me with an idea of what you would like designed and we will get started.

Glass to be made into jewelry for you should be mailed directly to me at:

Made By Meg
PO Box 50015
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

Do you make sea glass engagement rings?

Yes! I specialize in sea glass bridal jewelry. I would love to help you design a ring she will love. Please visit my sea glass engagement ring section for more information.

Can sea glass break?

Yes! Although each piece has stood the test of time in the ocean, it will not fair so well when met with a marble floor. It is glass. Although I make efforts to create designs that are protected slightly by the silver wrapping, especially engagement rings, it can break if dropped or hit on something hard. Smaller pieces are less likely to suffer breaking or chipping than larger pieces. It is imperative that you handle your jewelry with care.

How do I clean my sea glass jewelry?

Extra care should be taken with cleaning your sea glass jewelry. Occasionally or after each wear you should use a silver polishing cloth gently on the surface of the sterling silver to keep its shine. For a stronger cleaning of the glass and silver I recommend using a mild dish soap and warm water. You can gently scrub the glass and silver with a toothbrush. To avoid excessive tarnishing, wear your silver jewelry frequently. The oils in your skin act as a natural cleanser for silver. When you are not wearing your jewelry, store it in an air tight container or bag. Using a bag or jewelry box lined with silver cloth is also good for storing silver jewelry. I also recommend using the silver polishing squares found on the accessories page.

If you prefer to have a glossy look to your darker colored sea glass pieces, use your fingers to rub a small amount of oil on the surface of the cleaned glass. This can be done using baby oil or mineral oils. After time, this will fade, but can be reapplied as desired. Without oil most dark colored sea glass will have a frosted whitish look.

When wearing or caring for your sea glass jewelry, use extra care and remember it is glass. If dropped on a hard surface it can crack, chip, or break. Returns cannot be made for tarnished silver or broken glass.

Why do the prices vary by color?

The color of a piece of sea glass is very important, when it comes to rarity. Some colors are much rarer than others, therefore, the jewelry is priced according to the rarity of the color. For example a white or brown piece is more commonly found than a blue piece. To learn more about the color rarity visit the About Sea Glass section or Shop by Color.

Where can I purchase your jewelry in person?

Made By Meg Jewelry is available at many fine retail locations. You can see a list of them in the retailers section.

Do you make custom pieces?

Of course! I make many custom pieces. With your sea glass or with mine, please let me know if you have an idea that you don’t see on the website. I love trying new things and would love to make something new for you. Visit the special orders page for more information.

Do you sell your sea glass jewelry wholesale?

Yes! If you would like to sell my sea glass jewelry line in your establishment, please visit the wholesale section to learn more information and complete a wholesale vendor form.

Do you know where each piece of sea glass is from?

Normally, I do not keep track of the location of each piece of glass. However, I do have some pieces set aside that I know their location. If you would like for your sea glass jewelry to incorporate sea glass from a particular location, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

Do you sell sea glass in its raw form?

No, I don’t sell raw sea glass. I like to be able to offer the best of my collection for my jewelry.

Can you change the size of the rings?

Some of the rings can changed in size after purchase. Please inquire with me before purchasing to make sure it is possible for a particular ring. If you would like a ring made in another size, please contact me with the item number and the size needed and I can normally recreate a similar ring for you.

Can you make a necklace or bracelet shorter or longer?

Most necklace and bracelet designs can be shortened or extended. Please inquire with me referencing an item number before purchase to make sure it is possible.

Can you change sterling silver earring wires for surgical steel to avoid allergic reactions?

Yes! I would be happy to switch your earring hooks to surgical steel at no additional cost. Please be sure to request this at check out or email me to let me know.

Can you make clip on earrings?

Yes! Please inquire about a special order for clip on earrings.

Is all the jewelry handmade?

Yes! All the jewelry is Made By Meg! To learn more about me and my jewelry making background, see the about sections.

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