Weekend fun and exciting news

Did you have a good weekend?!?!?!

I hope you did some grilling.

grilled chickenCut up fresh fruit.

cutting watermelonPicked from the garden.

cherry tomatoesSaw others enjoying the nice weather.

Myrtle Beach waterwayMade patriotic decorations for your home.  Like me.

Patriotic buntingStop to smell the flowers.

Gardenia Played some games.

Cornholeand marked your territory.

CornholeThat is all the stuff we did.   It was loads of fun.

Exciting news #1

Made By Meg now has a new home page!  Jon worked very hard on giving the home page a face lift.  YOU NEED TO CHECK IT OUT! It is beyond stupendous.  New features include a listing of the newest items listed on the site on the top right.  You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of this.  Know what that means? YOU can be the FIRST to see the newest pieces listed as soon as they are listed.  You know all of my pieces are a one of a kind so this is a huge bonus.  You can also see my latest 3 blog posts listed below that.

Big round of applause to my brilliant husband. Thank you Jon!

Exciting news #2

On another note I am sure you are all on the edge of your seat to know what the name of the new necklace is…. drum roll please…… Introducing…..

The Jill!!!

The Jill

You know when you are little and your Mom met a nice friend that had a daughter and said oh the two of you should meet and be friends? That is kind of like Jill and I, we met through our Moms that are friends.   Through following each other’s blogs we have gotten to know one another.   Knowing that Jill follows my blog closely I was not surprised when she had her order in my inbox within 10 minutes of posting it.  Thanks so much Jill!!! I encourage you to follow Jill’s blog Home Sweet Hopkins.  Hint hint, Jill has a little something up her sleeve having to do with the new necklace…. I will let her tell you about it on her blog sometime soon. ;)

Thanks to a bunch of you that have “The Jill” on the way to your home now.  I will be listing a bunch of these necklaces on the sea glass necklaces page next week.  If you can’t wait until then contact me and if you are real nice I may just be a sweetheart and still continue the 50% off until next week.






Today I am thankful for: having lots of inventory that I have made for Saturday.  I will be at Artists Under the Arcade at Brookgreen Gardens.

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