The Perfect Gift

On both sides of the family we celebrate Christmas with secret Santa.  Everyone gets one person to give a gift to.   It works well for us to concentrate on one great gift instead of lots and lots of gifts to think about.   How great does it feel when you have a perfect gift for someone? I love that feeling.  Well my Mom really hit the nail on the head this year with her secret Santa and I want to share her great idea with you.  This year she picked Dave (my sisters boyfriend) as her secret Santa.  A few weeks after we picked names, Mom called Jon and asked if we would not mind helping her with her secret Santa gift.  We are always up to help Mom so we scheduled a day for her to come to our house so we could help.   The job involved power tools that Jon has to make the job much easier.   Her idea was to make a Lawn Jenga. She had seen the idea done on a website somewhere and thought it would be a good gift for Dave.  I guess it could also be called Jumbo Jenga or Mega Jenga or Adult Jenga.  Basically it is the same thing as your regular Jenga game just on a much bigger scale to be played outside.  We helped Mom with going to the store and picking out the straightest 2×3 pieces of wood we could find, then cutting them to size.   Then, she took them home and sanded them all and stained some of them to add some color.

At our Christmas celebration, Dave was very intrigued by his gift.  We told him not in million years would he guess what it was.  We let him open his gift first.  He immediately said “we have to try it!!!”  So we stopped present opening on the spot  and moved out to the deck to try Dave’s new game.


Mom and Dad decided to add a key tool to the game.  Here is me posing with “The Nudger”, it is used to get the piece started when removing it.




We divided into teams and started the game.


It was  a lot of fun!


Kelly found that making faces helped with not knocking over the tower.


I followed her lead with making faces.


It worked! Slow and steady.


The tower started to get very wobbly.  Each time I went I thought it would be my last, that surely the tower would be falling before it came to me again.


It eventually fell and we got back to opening the rest of our gifts. :)


Great idea Mom! I am sure Kelly and Dave will enjoy many games of Jenga.  We have to try it on the beach this summer.






Today I am thankful for: Being done with food shopping for a while.  I hate food shopping. I am sure this has been my thankful item before.

7 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift

  1. Megan says:

    What a neat gift!

    I’m with you with the food shopping. I hate it too… I just recently stocked up as well. It’s too bad the milk always goes so first though… *sigh*

  2. Jonathan Carter says:

    Jumbo Jenga was a lot of fun. I couldn’t believe the creator was the one who toppled the tower! I’m looking forward to playing at the beach this year!

  3. Gere says:

    It reminds me of a very old game I played as a child. Pick-up-sticks. The ancient set of sticks were kept in a black cardboard tube and the retrieval hook was sharp! We had lots of fun playing that. Thanks for the memory jog!

  4. Kelly says:

    Great Game! We are looking forward to using it this summer as well. Dave has a plan to keep an extra set in the trunk of the car to sell to fascinated onlookers :)

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