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Celebrating its one year anniversary, The Coastal Collection, a photography series by Susan Fairgrieve, is an exciting milestone for this very talented artist.  I met Susan via Facebook and immediately fell in love with her photography collection.   Capturing the actual feeling of the coast in every photograph, it is almost as if you can feel the salty air on your skin.   Adding one of these photos or a collection of them to any home will give it an immediate calm of the sea.   She also offers Giclees (gallery-wrapped canvas prints), framed prints, calendars, individual cards, card sets, gift card tags/wine tags, bookmarks and custom orders and ideas are welcomed. All products of The Coastal Collection are made solely by hand with care.

A little bit about Susan Fairgrieve

I asked Susan how she started The Coastal Collection.

I have been a graphic designer for twenty years, working both in the corporate world and freelancing. My love for photography broke through about three years ago when “retiring” from my last design position. Everywhere I went, my camera was in tow. After collecting a suitcase of treasures from the sea, on a special birthday trip to the Bahamas, I truly discovered what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. This was when The Coastal Collection was born!

When asked what is your favorite beach? Susan responded with not only her favorites, but the stories as to why they are “favorites”.

There are so many. I would have to start with Sandy Hook, NJ. Sandy Hook is very special for several reasons. Not only is it very close to our home, but it is a peninsula that touches the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Sandy Hook Bay. I have spent countless hours walking the bay and ocean beaches for shells, driftwood, sea glass and other treasures. My stepson Scotty and I would go on long walks to collect moon snails, each with our own bucket or bag to see who could collect the most. This adventure was called “Moon Snail Mania!” I think we have a collected total in the thousands!

We also had friends in the US Coast Guard that were based on Sandy Hook. There was a large stretch of beach that only the Coast Guard and their guests could access. An abundance of whelks and moon snails littered the shoreline and I took every single one of them home to fill up my window boxes! We fill them with shells, not flowers!

Memories are what really makes my favorite beach a “favorite”. I guess my second favorite would have to be Island Beach State Park (Seaside Park), NJ. One winter day, after cruising around on the beach in my husband’s truck in search of clam shells for our wedding favors, the day turned into night very quickly. Nothing was going to stop me from shell collecting! My husband drove behind me with his high-beams on to light my way while I collected all the shells I needed.

The “favorite” beach list goes on and on…there is always something special about every beach we visit and what we experienced there. I can honestly say, there is no one “favorite”. Every beach is special.


You can purchase products of The Coastal Collection on the website.

Susan also encourages you to like her Facebook page where she often has special promotions.

Susan was so sweet to send me a set of her cards.  They are BEAUTIFUL…. and guess what, she wants you to have a set too!!

Susan would like to do a giveaway for Made By Meg Blog readers!!!!

You can enter in two ways:

1. Like her Facebook page and come back here and comment that you did so.

2. Go to her Website and pick out your favorite photograph and come back here and comment which one it is.

One winner announced on Wednesday April 20th will receive your choice of the Coastal Collection I or II card sets!

This giveaway is now completed, but I still encourage you to visit the website and like on facebook! :)

Susan thank you so much for letting me feature your beautiful photography and sharing your stories with all of us.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Today I am thankful for: The beautiful weather today, because it is going to be not so great weather all weekend.

17 thoughts on “The Coastal Collection

  1. Charna Abeles says:

    Hi Meg, what a pleasure it was to read your blog about Susan’s Coastal Collection. I love her work, in fact, when I just went to her website so that I could pick a photo that I love the most and enter your contest, I saw that on her website she has a picture of my house and some of the photos I have of hers !!! (it’s the blue couch shot with the two photos showing) We have her art in other rooms, too and I wish I could tell you how much everyone who sees it is enchanted by all the photos. Thanks for featuring her work, I think she is very, very talented. Well, if I can still enter, I love the sand dollar from Coastal Collection I, it’s one that I don’t have and I think it just says “beach”!!

    Enjoy your day !

  2. Sue says:

    I love the Coastal Collection photographs. I think they capture the feeling of the beach. My favorites are the Valentine Coastal Collection il. The shells look just like candies in a box of chocolates. What creative use of the heart shape.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Beautiful describes all of the Coastal Collection. It is always so hard to narrow it down to “one”…but-the one I like the most is “Giclee 8×10” as it reminds me of part of the tablescape my daughter had on the tables at her wedding reception. The sepia effect is just stunning! I saved her site in my favorites and “liked” her on FB.
    The best of luck to Susan!
    P.S. The Highlands are great!

  4. Marilyn says:

    Thank you for sharing the Coastal Collection. I now have photo envy! It was quite difficult to make a decision on one but I have decided on #0085 Pay Day. I always find the sand dollar a fascinating creature no matter how many I find on the beach.

  5. Amanda says:

    I can’t figure out how everyone is getting the numbers (i.e. Lisa says, #0152). I know which ones I like, but I can’t find numbers. Anyways, there are two that I really like: the window, and the cleat. However, I think my favorite is photo of the cleat (boat tie down on the dock) because it’s truly unique and would make a great conversation piece. They are all beautiful.

  6. Designs by Dawn Marie says:

    Meg, thanks to the introduction to Susan’s photography! What a simple and elegant way to showcase the nature that the sea and beach provide! I just adore how she captures all the little details on the starfish!

    I’ve been fascinated with mermaids my entire life, so #152 is probably my favorite… however I really do love them all. I could see an entire office decorated in Susan’s prints. Our professional office we used to have was decorated in Ansel Adams because we really love the black & white photos!

    I liked Susan’s FB page as well! Can’t wait to see more of her work!

  7. Susan Fairgrieve says:

    Thank you everyone for participating, “like”ing The Coastal Collection on Facebook and visiting my website. I love what I do and enjoy bringing joy to others. I look forward to shipping the prize to the winner!

    Thank you Meg!


  8. Susan Fairgrieve says:

    Ooooooooooooops! Forgot to mention…Each day there will be a new Coastal Collection Facebook special offer! Be sure to visit each day to see what’s up!

    Happy Spring!

  9. Jamie Tucker says:

    I especially like the sea star pictures of Susan’s! Beautiful photography! My cousin lives in Chester New Jersey and is a wonderful photographer too….and her name is Susan! I was born in Morristown, NJ, but my parents moved the family to California when I was 9 months old. I have lived at the beach since I was 6 years old, now living on the Central Coast in Grover Beach. I need to get some of your pictures!

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