So What Are You Thankful For

Today you can find me over on Stacy’s Website! Thanks so much Stacy!

If you are visiting from Stacy’s website, WELCOME!!! :) To celebrate all of you new readers and all of you oldie but goodie readers I want to do a GIVEAWAY!!!!


I will be giving a $50 credit to one lucky winner that can be used on Made By Meg Sea Glass Jewelry or Capture Jewelry!

This is how you can enter…. it’s real easy.  If you are a long time reader you know that at the end of every post I write what I am thankful for on that day…. not just for the month of November, but all year long.  I always find something to be thankful for no matter what. :)

Now I want to know what you are thankful for…. In the comments section below please tell me what you are thankful for and you are entered in the giveaway…. that easy. :)

One entry per person feel free to list all the things you are thankful for in one post.  I will be randomly picking the winner on Thanksgiving November 24th. Be sure to comment here and not on FB.  Believe it or not (although a lot of people still do this) it’s against Facebook policies to take entries for a giveaway on FB, so just comment below here on my blog! :)

So, what are you thankful for?





Today I am thankful for: Stacy featuring my jewelry on her website and getting to see what all of you are thankful for. :)


14 thoughts on “So What Are You Thankful For

  1. Amy says:

    I am thankful for salvation thru Christ, my home, and friends, my parents, sister, BILs, SIL, niece, in-laws, my wonderful husband, our miracle twins born at 26 weeks, our extended family and that I will be meeting my niece for the first time in about 1 month!

  2. the cape on the corner says:

    yay, i love your rings and pendants, so this would be awesome. and i’m thankful for this opportunity.

    otherwise…i’m thankful it’s friday, that i’ll be seeing what is sure to be a good show in town tomorrow (billy elliot) with my mom, aunt, and cousin. i’m thankful for this holiday season upon us, i just love this time of year. for my fabulous cat. my cute house. my super boyfriend. can’t forget those things.

  3. Megan says:

    I am thankful for many things, but above all, I am thankful for my wonderfully helpful and loving husband and my happy and healthy four year old son

  4. Dorien Morin-van Dam says:

    Hi Meg,

    I am thankful for a career in Social Media and a supporting, loving family. Additionally, I am thankful for my health and the ability to run. I have become an avid runner and have run several 1/2 and three full marathons. I love the feeling of accomplishment, the role model I’ve become to my four kids and the feeling of total excitement at the finish line.

    Love your blog, Meg.

    From a new fan,

  5. Celeste Harris says:

    I am thankful for my relationship with God that empowers me to trust in Him and allows me to live a full and Blessed life. I am thankful for my wonderful supportive, gentle, kind and loving husband, my super terrific son, my aging mother, my dear friends, my ability to work and my opportunity to get good health care.

  6. Sylvia says:

    I am thankful for just “being”. I was born 52 years ago, three months premature, weighing a mere 2 pounds and 6 oz. Technology and medical equipment was very limited “back in the day”….so I am very fortunate to be here.

    Of course I’ll always be thankful for all of my family and their support in all the ups and downs of life. :)

  7. Libby says:

    I am thankful for sandpaper…the people God uses in my life to sand away the hard edges, the sharp tongue, the critical eyes…..and I am thankful for others less fortunate than me because God uses me to pass on His blessings to them…and I am thankful that God allows me to see others through His eyes to show me how beautiful they are….I am thankful for Jesus who has freed me from my past and has given me a hope for an eternal future.

  8. Linda Calvanico says:

    I’m thankful for so many things…My wonderful husband…My Zumba family (especially my partner Mo Russo and Zumba “sister” Katie Nielsen)…also very thankful to my Aunt Sylv and to be able to spend this year’s Thanksgiving holiday with her, uncle bob and cousin cliff!

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