Sea Glass Dangle Earrings

I started writing a blog post this morning about advertising and then I was almost done and said to myself  “why in the world would this be interesting to you?” I couldn’t answer that question so I saved it in a word document for myself to ponder later and waste more of my time.  It really was just  the stress of my morning and decision making  for you to read and be bored.  You can thank me now for sparing you the time you would have wasted reading it.  I’m sorry, now I have really wasted your time telling you how I am not wasting your time, so on to something useful that is, if you are still reading.

This week I have made about 30 pairs of these and I will be making about 30 more!

blue sea glass dangle earrings
I have made them in all different colors and they will be available October 8th at the North American Sea Glass Festival!!! :)






Today I am VERY thankful for: The email I got first thing this morning from a close friend.  The email shared that the anticipated heart surgery for her husband scheduled for today was found to not be necessary!!!! Great way to start the day!!!!

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