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Prism Sea Glass has been off to a terrific start since we launched on September 5th.  Our initial plan was to combine the two lines of business under one website (this one), but we quickly learned that it would be easier for our end users to be able to shop for Prism on its own website.  Even though both lines of our business use genuine sea glass, there is a big difference between the two, and having Prism products mixed in with traditional Made By Meg products was causing confusion.  So, please excuse us as we figure out these growing pains.

Just to reiterate and clear a few things up… Made By Meg will continue on as long as we have, offering you the best, genuine, handmade sea glass jewelry and the most unique and sought-after sea glass engagement rings on the market.  Our new Prism Sea Glass jewelry line will be run as its own division under Made By Meg, LLC.  Prism is also made exclusively with genuine sea glass.  The main difference is that we, the jewelers, add color behind the white sea glass so that we can offer you exotic and fun colors with pristine quality sea glass at an affordable price.  There is no rarity factor when you shop for Prism Sea Glass.  Each product will be priced the same regardless of the color.  We launched our new line with 8 colors and we’re excited to offer you more in the very near future.

All of Prism’s products have been moved over to and you will no longer be able to buy them on this website.  We hope you enjoy the shiny new site and the wonderful rainbow of colors we have to offer.  Thank you for your support and for making one of our dreams a reality.

Check out our new site!

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