New Life For an Old Sled

Recently, a long time friend of the family, JoAnne asked if I would paint a sled for her.  Normally I just stick to jewelry, but for JoAnne I made an exception.   This sled had sat in her basement for many years having been in the family for a long time.  It has not seen snow in quite some time, so JoAnne decided it needed a new life! Meg to the rescue.  JoAnne’s plan was to hang the sled outside her front door during the winter months in Connecticut.  She also planed to hang an old set of skates from the sled.   She requested for me to paint a winter scene on the top of it for her.  JoAnne said the words that every artist likes to hear “I trust your artistic abilities, whatever you think is best!” If you are an artist, you know how much those words sound like sirens singing to you leading  you to your happy creative artistic place.  She just wanted it to capture a Connecticut winter.  This is the sled as it came to me.  Now, if you are an antique dealer or you know that this sled may be worth lots of money for its rarity or it is the last of only 20 made or something like that, you may want to stop reading now!

Wooden-sledIf you are from New England or have ever traveled there you may know the standard iconic symbols of the area.  Connecticut, especially the area where JoAnne and I both grew up is well known for stone walls, hills, streams, big trees, long driveways covered in snow, and tree farms on hill tops.  If you know Woodbury Connecticut you know about one major iconic holiday trademark, luminaries on Christmas Eve.  In Woodbury, luminaries are set up all the way down main street.  This is one of my most fond and missed memories about living there in the winter time.  So this is my finished painting for JoAnne.  I tried to capture all of the symbols in the painting.


I added the wreath last.  My Mom was with me while I was painting and we both decided it needed a pop of color and it needed a more Chistmasy feeling.


I hope JoAnne likes it! Now it has a new life and will not be in the basement any longer.  What a happy story!







Today I am thankful for: The feeling of picking up a paint brush again.  It had been way to long, years really since I had painted something other than a wall one color.  I plan on painting one or a few paintings for the nursery, this painting has given me the push to get started!






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