Why I Owe An Apology To All Of My Math Teachers

Why do we have to learn this? I am never going to need to use this! Boy was I was WRONG!

Let me start at the beginning.  Jon has been teaching his parents’ dog Jesse, Frisbee for the last year or so.  He is getting really good.  That is, when Jon is throwing well.  If Jon does not throw well Jesse turns around with a look like “come on Uncle Jon (aka Uncle Frisbee) are you serious?” If Jon goes to their house Jesse sits at the back door until Jon goes to play with him.  It’s as if his whole existence is for the sole purpose of catching a Frisbee.  We were there on Sunday to have breakfast and pick up a chop saw so Jon asked me to snap some pictures of Jessie in action.  This has nothing to do with math – it is just something I wanted to share.

Jessie playing Frisbee

Apparently I need to work on photographing action, Jessie sure is fast!

Jessie playing Frisbee

This one would have been great had I been fast enough.

Jessie playing Frisbee

Jessie playing Frisbee

This is Jack. He doesn’t do Frisbee.  He likes to look like a show dog.


Back on task….After we picked up the chop saw it was back to work.  We were carrying out our master plan for my new pendant display.   It’s really coming along.  I figured I would give you a sneak peek and let Jon show off his muscles a bit. ;)


cutting wood

Jon has been such a big help with this.  He literally said “whatever you need built for your show, I will build it.”  He is my hero and I like watching him use power tools.

cutting wood

This is the beginning of the display.

pendant display

We measured.

Jon with tape

Then I realized that I owed every one of my math teachers I have ever had an apology.  When teaching me countless math equations, I would always having the same response “I am never going to need this.”  I am glad I was paying attention anyway and further, remembered one very important equation.


This formula became imperative in our construction for this….

Pendant display

Math teachers are the best!  My new display will make its debut at the North American Sea Glass Festival.

Have a good week!






Today I am thankful for: The most supportive and helpful husband in the world and his muscles. :)

5 thoughts on “Why I Owe An Apology To All Of My Math Teachers

  1. Mom and Dad Carter says:

    Meg, We love the blog. Especially the pictures of Jack and Jesse. The action shots are great. I am so happy that Jon was paying attention as a boy when we were building things. It certainly paid off. Now he is better than me. PS Your sister-in-law is a professor of mathematics, remember? She could probably do those equations in her head. Keep up the good work. Love Dad and Mom C.

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