Mom’s Capture Jewelry Story

This week I will lighten the mood with another capture story.  I know Amy’s story, although awesome, is a tear jerker for me to have started off this series with.   On to Mom’s story. For a short time as a child I lived in Cape Cod Massachusetts.  I have a lot of memories from the time that I lived in Cape Cod.   I was about 3 or 4 when we lived there, just around the time that I started making memories.  During some of the time that we lived there we were not far from the beach.  It was just a short walk down the road and down a long set of stairs.  I remember the stairs being somewhat intimidating as a child.  When we went to Cape Cod in the fall of 2010 for the Sea Glass Festival we visited the beach.  The stairs seemed much smaller to me 25 years later. I don’t have a picture of the stairs, but this is a picture from the top of them looking down to the beach.

Cape Cod

While we were there my Mom collected some of the sand from the beach.  Then when I was making pieces for Capture I took the sand and captured it in a ring for Mom.  I also made one for my sister Kelly and one for myself.  This one is Mom’s ring. I just love the oval setting sideways.


This is a detail of the grains of sand within the ring.


Now Mom can always have a piece of Cape Cod with her when she wears this ring.  I am sure it will bring back memories from our times there.

I can’t wait to hear the other beautiful stories behind each Capture Jewelry piece.  I plan on sharing many of them here on the blog from customers who wish to share their story.  If you have already purchased a Capture Jewelry piece and would like to share your story please contact me and tell me about it.   To learn more about Capture Jewelry you can visit the website by clicking here.






Today I am thankful for: Football this weekend.  I am not a football fan at all, but I am into it the past few weeks.  We are cheering for the Giants just because my brother-in-law Mark does.  It is fun to have a team so I guess it makes sense to keep peace in the family. ;)  Have a great weekend!

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