Maternity Photo Shoot With Jill

A few weeks ago, I received an email from my friend Jill. I have mentioned Jill before. She is the Jill that the Jill necklace is named after! She blogs over at Sweet Home Hopkins. Jill is also pregnant with her first, also a girl and she had a great idea. She suggested that the two of us get together to practice our photography skills by taking pictures of our pregnant bellies. Luckily my belly popped out enough in time for it to be worth while. On Good Friday, Jill and I met in downtown Southport, NC to take pictures. First, I will share with you the pictures I took of Jill in all her glowing pregnant glory.






Then the tables turned and Jill practiced and took pictures of me!

These are my favorites that Jill took! She did a great job!meg-maternity-2




meg-maternity-6I can’t believe I am already over half way there! Time is really flying! These were taken at 22 weeks.

I had so much fun taking pictures with you Jill! Thanks for inviting me to do this photo shoot with you. We were learning and capturing our pregnancy glow at the same time! Be sure to check out Jill’s post about our photo shoot to see which pictures were her favorites.

6 thoughts on “Maternity Photo Shoot With Jill

  1. Sylvia says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! That’s it in one word!!

    Pregnant “bellies” are beautiful and you’ve captured each others “glow”. I wish I had pictures like that of my pregnancies…….I sort of miss those days … :)

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