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Sea glass engagement ring

Long time no see, unless you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (@madebymeg).  Although I love blogging, after having my daughter Clara two years ago life seemed to get in the way.  Juggling many balls and keeping them all up was a difficult task and the one ball I had to drop was blogging.  I have missed sharing and writing and I am excited to pick that ball back up and get back to it.  So, what have I been up to in two years?  Well, mostly being a Mommy not only to Clara, but we had another daughter too.  Introducing Autumn Lynn!


Autumn is now 6 months old and is such a sweetheart.  We are lucky to have such an easy baby this time around.  It seems like all she does is smile.  In addition to transitioning to becoming parents 2 years ago, Clara was a bit of a handful and still is.  She is my little side kick and has such a creative mind already.  Just this morning she scooped up 5 cheerios and said “bu-fly”.  Seeing something so beautiful in something so simple is a sign of a creative mind in my opinion.

Business has been wonderful!  I have now made over 50 sea glass wedding rings and I now think it is safe to say it is my specialty.  I so enjoy getting to know each customer and working with them to create the perfect ring.  I now offer my sea glass engagement rings in white gold and silver.  Another big step in my business is being able to provide diamonds.  I now have a private diamond broker that I purchase from for my rings.  Over time it became apparent to me that some customers want and need a ring right away, so I also have sea glass wedding rings for sale on my website.

Let’s see, what other big things have happened in the last two years? I did my first trade show.  At this show I was presenting my jewelry to store owners in hopes of getting more wholesale locations for my jewelry.  I picked up many new locations and learned a lot from this experience.  Jon spent so much time on this awesome display.  I was so proud of how it presented my jewelry.  Sorry the pictures are not very clear, they had rules against taking pictures, so it was a quick one, (shhhh don’t tell).  Can you believe this entire display packed up to almost nothing and all fit in my car?

Trade show 1


You may see something missing from the website.  Capture.  I decided to discontinue the Capture line of jewelry.  Trying to educate people on how it worked was difficult.  I also found it was confusing people when they were looking for sea glass on my website.  So, now I am just sea glass again.  I love working with sea glass and it is what works for me.  Trying to branch out and do a different line of jewelry is out of my system now.  I loved the idea, but it just did not register with customers the way I thought it would.  You don’t know unless you try though.  However, I can still take orders for Capture if you would like one made, it is just not on the website any longer.

Another brand-spankin-new addition to the business is this website.  Jon got the itch again to start fresh with a new site.  He never seems to be completely content with the website so it has become a yearly tradition almost to totally change it.  Some of the new features include:

An awesome new look which is completely mobile friendly.  If you are looking at the website on your phone or iPad, you should have no problem navigating and seeing everything.

Fun new photography including human models.  A picture is worth a thousand words right?  Well I am sure you would like to see what my jewelry is going to look like on you.  Why didn’t I think of this before?  Duh!!  Thank you Machel and Brandy for your wonderful modeling skills and making my jewelry look stunning.


Sea glass and diamond wedding rings for sale and order.  You want to propose this weekend?  No problem, I can resize any of the rings on the new sea glass engagement ring page and have it to you ready to propose.  If you want something different, I am still hard at work designing and making custom sea glass engagement rings.  I have over 50 rings made now and a perfect track record of all proposals ending in a “yes”.

If you are new to my blog, or a long time follower wondering if I went on a sea glass expedition and never returned… welcome back!  I am looking forward to interacting with followers again new and old.  I will be blogging about all sorts of things, especially sea glass and jewelry type things.


3 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Gere Reed says:

    Yes, I’ve missed your blogs but thoroughly understand that you have set your priorities very well, considering all challenges. Congratulations to you and Jon for all you’ve accomplished together and for your quality results. Carry on!

  2. Cindi Berryhill says:

    I am glad to see you will still be doing capture on special order. When I find my tiny whole sharks tooth again [put it where I could find it .. haha) i will be contacting you to have it “captured”.

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