If I Grew A Really Big Pumpkin

Over the weekend Jon and I hopped in the car and drove up to Raleigh, NC to visit our friends and go to the North Carolina State Fair, with apparently the entire state.   It was so crowded I was beginning to think I may develop claustrophobia.  We had lots of fun though, seeing Sara and Doug and Andrew and Amy.

If you don’t know my husband Jon personally, let me tell you a little about him.  He is silly, very silly, I tell him that everyday.  When Andrew and Amy ran into the bank he was acting like a dog stuck in the car.  When Amy came out of the bank and saw him she said “that was you barking?!?! The teller just commented about a dog outside. You are very convincing.” This is common behavior for my husband.  Not barking specifically, but making a boring scenario like waiting in a car fun. Jon-in-the-car

We got stuck in traffic on the way to the fair.  Sara told me to take a picture of the birds.  Not sure why…. here they are Sara! Makes me wonder about the question everyone has asked. How come birds can touch the wire and we can’t?


Doug and Sara have one of the most organized schedules I have ever seen.  They have everything on their calendar.  On the way there they got into a debate about what day of the week they went to the fair last year…. Sara had to prove Doug wrong by looking it up on last years calendar on her phone.


I have been wanting to try and figure out how to get flair in a photo. You know the cool star burst effect when the sun is in a picture.  So I figured I would take the down time to experiment.


Still not getting it…


Failed again…


The leaves are just starting to turn there.  The sun looks so pretty through the leaves. Still not the flair look I was going for.


Now I am just starting to blind myself.


After this one I had a blue dot in my vision for a while.


We finally got to the fair.


I am really curious as to who enters into these contests.  Who do you even talk to about that?  Where is this big vegetable growing award community?  They look cool though…. what do you do when you have the biggest pumpkin in the state? How do you get it there? and then what do you do when you win? That one I figured out…. you sell the seeds.  The winner was there selling them.


That is a big one.


The pigs were super cute.


Now what to do?…. eat all the crazy amounts of food? Yes… but first lets go on a ride.  This is a better order of things. They teach you these things in college. ;) See that one that looks like a spider? It is called the Fire Ball apparently… it had Andrew, Amy, Meg and Jon written all over it. So I handed the camera over to Doug and put it on sport mode. ;)


That’s us.


It was fun!


Want a closer look?!?! If I had seen the amount of rust on this ride before hand I may have passed. lol







Today I am thankful for: Progress and moving forward.  I had to make some tough business decisions this week. I am confident I made the right call. :)

2 thoughts on “If I Grew A Really Big Pumpkin

    • Meg says:

      Haha…i had on flip flops. They made me take them off so they would not fly off and hit someone in the head. That would have been a fun game though. They are foam after all. Lol

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