I Have Company Now

That’s right I have company, everyday.  After working from home for two years all by myself, I am  no longer alone.   I am loving the new company.  It is not a dog, it is not a cat, it’s JON!!!!! I now have the joy of being able to go give my hubby a hug whenever I want.  So you must be wondering how this happened.  Back in October Jon got a phone call from an old co-worker asking him if he might be interested in a new job.  Jon was happy with his job working for our county as a web developer, but did not want to turn down the opportunity for something new that may further his career.  Within a week of that phone call, Jon had an offer letter and a new job.   He started the job today!  He is now working for the federal government as a web developer. Yay Jon!!! Best part…. he is working remotely from home.   It was strange this morning not watching him walk down the stairs saying goodbye and have a good day.  It was nice to eat lunch together and have each other close by.   This is going to be a strange adjustment for both of us, but we are both very happy about the change.

I have been a busy bee with orders and shipping.  It is this time of year I wish I had a shipping department.  We have not even had a chance to put up any Christmas decorations.   Our neighbor even heckled us yesterday!  We need to get on the ball with that one.  We went to a holiday event here, that is very popular, called Nights of a Thousand Candles.  It is at Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet, SC.  I have mentioned Brookgreen gardens before for Alli’s Shower and their annual art show.  They also have my sea glass jewelry in their gift shop. For the few weeks before Christmas, the gardens are lit with Christmas lights and candles.  It’s beautiful!  If you live in the area and have not been there, I recommend going.  Also know you can have dinner there. I didn’t know this until this year and it was very good.  We went with some friends and had a wonderful time.  It really put us in the holiday spirit.  They used the lights in one way that we really liked.  The pictures don’t do justice, but you will get the idea.



They had these grasses and the lights were set in them.  It gave the grasses almost a foggy look. It was beautiful.  I would not have ever thought to display lights like that, but it was so pretty.  We decided we are going to get that type of grass for our garden just so we can do this next year.

I am off to pull the Christmas decorations out of storage, catch you on Wednesday!

Oh I almost forgot.  I have had a few emails coming in about orders for Christmas and timing, so here is the info:

Sea Glass Jewelry items on the website can be shipped up until the 23th (overnight shipping charges apply, if necessary). I will be taking special orders for Sea Glass Jewelry until December 19th to be shipped in time for the 25th.

Capture jewelry – I will need to have your capture item in hand and paid for by Dec 14th for Dec 24th delivery.

Remember standard shipping is 100% FREE!!!






Today I am thankful for: Jon being home!

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  1. Gere says:

    So happy for you….and Jon. If we were in SC I’d love to see the gardens. Their slide show from last year was nice so I did get a taste of its beauty. Thanks.

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