Happy Birthday! The Carter Sea Glass Guide Is One

Carter Sea Glass Color Rarity Guide

I can’t believe it has already been a year! One whole year since I released the Carter Sea Glass Color and Rarity Guide. This little idea that I had one night has turned into sea glass lovers all over the world having a piece of my artwork on their wall. I am blown away on almost a daily bases of how this idea has taken off. The stories that I hear about the guide are the most touching to me.

“I love sea glass and the rest of my family never understood or had any interest. After I got my poster all of a sudden, they are interested. They like to talk about my collection now and compare colors and rarity.”

“My son and I love to collect together and bring our finds home to categorize by color”

“I love being able to refer to the guide when a customer requests a particular color”

Hearing about how the sea glass community is enjoying and using the guide is so exciting for me. The idea of the guide came about because it was something that I needed in my own business. I needed for customers to be able to tell me exactly what color sea glass they wanted for their jewelry piece. I like to compare it to hiring someone to paint your house. You could say to them “please paint it green”. Leaving that up to the painter’s interpretation could be very different from your vision. This is the exact reason paint companies have a name for each color, so you can say I would like Benjamin Moore Desert Green. Then both parties know exactly what color is expected for a final result. Although, the sea glass community had names for colors in general, many shades, hues and variations of colors were left out. I knew this problem needed to be solved. After further contemplating the idea it became apparent that not only would I benefit from this tool, but many other sea glass collectors and artists could use it too!

After a long process of creating the guide (you can read more about my process in this post), I released it to the world on April 21, 2015. Now a year later, to date 1098 have been sold to collectors and artists all over the world. Posters have been shipped to 4 continents, 15 countries and 38 states. I can’t thank you enough to every single person who has supported this idea. I had only dreamed that it would be embraced so positively by the community. I hope one day that the color names will become a standard way of communicating and referring to sea glass colors. I have seen a slight change in color naming already and with time it will hopefully continue. If anything comes of this idea, I hope it is that people enjoy it and have fun with the idea. Just the feeling of knowing it is bringing people together and spreading the love of sea glass is enough for me. Happy 1st Birthday!!! On to many more years of fun and collecting. Thanks to everyone that has supported this little idea of mine.

Let’s celebrate! Today only I have marked the guide down from $19.99 to $15. Free shipping to the US, $5.45 to Canada and $9.95 to all other countries.

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