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Glassing Magazine

Yes!!! Now the sea glass community even has a MAGAZINE! With every growing topic of interest, the natural progression of available media usually includes a magazine. Thanks to Rebecca Ruger now the sea glass and beach glass community can call Glassing Magazine a collector staple. Over the years many sea glass books have been published, but a magazine offers something a little different. The beauty of a magazine format is a wealth of information spread among experts in the community that can be woven together with photography and the latest information about the hobby all in one place. Glassing Magazine has a wonderful array of contributors, topics, photography and information to make it perfect beach reading material for any beachcomber.

The mindset of an entrepreneur is often to say, “Yes”, to every opportunity whenever possible. I believe having this mindset is a leading reason why many doors have opened for me that I never thought possible. This is why when Rebecca asked me if I would be a regular columnist for Glassing Magazine my answer was a quick and enthusiastic, “YES”. Never would I have imagined to be able to call myself a contributing writer of a magazine. I guess it was a goal and dream I never knew I had until it happened. Once Glassing Magazine was ready to start the first issue, it kept me up at night wondering what I would write about for my first article. The first issue Rebecca worked tirelessly to make the inaugural issue the best it could be. With all the contributors and wonderful photography the issue was a smashing success not to mention wonderful reviews from readers all over the world. It wasn’t long after the July 2017 issue was finished, that plans for the September issue were in the works. The September issue is about to hit mailboxes any day and it is another spectacular issue.

Among the pages of Glassing Magazine you will find my article in every issue entitled “Tea By The Sea with Meg Carter”. Rebecca let me come up with the column name! Since I love tea and live by the sea we figured it fit. It is like I am just sitting having some tea with the reader and chatting about sea glass. Rebecca and I brainstormed about a way to make my column consistent and stand out visually in every issue and we thought a cartoon would be fun. My articles will center around sea glass collecting know-how including advice and tips I have learned as a collector and sea glass jeweler. I can’t begin to express how honored I am to be a small part of this publication. Thank you to Rebecca for putting faith in me and my knowledge and love of sea glass. I am sure in the years coming this magazine will certainly be the go-to resource for the latest information. I am looking forward to being a part of this Magazine and building a resource with other experts for the sea glass and beach glass collectors of the present and future.

Glassing Magazine Tea By The Sea with meg carter

Glassing Magazine is a bi-monthly publication (6 issues per year). Other regular columnists for Glassing Magazine are Richard LaMotte and Mary T. McCarthy. Each issue includes a featured sea glass color, a spotlight store and online store, a featured sea glass beach, a collector spotlight and much more. The magazine ships worldwide and you can subscribe at You can also find a list of stores that carry the latest issues here:

Glassing Magazine has teamed up with Relish Inc. to hold the first sister show of the Great Lakes Beach Glass and Coastal Arts Festival in Buffalo, NY. The festival will take place at The Event Center at the Hamburg Fairgrounds April 14-15th 2018. You can count on Made By Meg being there along with many other talented artists celebrating sea glass, beach glass and our common interests. I will also be giving a lecture at this festival! (day and time TBA) For more information about the festival visit

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