Fort Fisher Day Trip

Two weeks ago Jon and took some time off to relax, well try to relax, and during that time we took a day trip to Fort Fisher, North Carolina.  We drove up to Southport, NC where we hopped on the ferry and watched the birds.  The ferry ride was only about 30 minutes, then we arrived at Fort Fisher.   Growing up, Jon’s family vacationed at Fort Fisher every summer.  I had heard lots about it over the years, but had never been there.  Jon wanted to show me everything, although lots of things had changed since he had been there 12 years ago.

Fort Fisher North Carolina

This is the road after you get off of the ferry. If you continue up this road it takes you through Kure Beach and then to Carolina Beach.  We went back and forth 4 times throughout this day trip.  It only takes about 15 -20 minutes to get from one end to the other.  We did not really have a plan when we went so the poor planning resulted in going back and forth.

Fort Fisher North Carolina

We did however have one major thing planned while there. To get Britts Donuts!!! This was a must.  It feels like from the moment I met Jon I have been hearing about these donuts.  After having one fresh out of the shop, I now know why.  Britts Donuts is located in Carolina Beach, NC.  They serve one kind of donut, and that’s it – that is all they need to sell.  This place is a gem and should not be missed if you are in the Carolina Beach area.

Britts Donuts

This is the ally next to Britts. Britts is on the left.  As we were walking up this ally I suddenly stopped and said to Jon “this is the alley from Andrew and Amy’s engagement photo shoot!” So, we had  to take a picture to show them.   We were not looking for it so it was kind of funny to stumble upon.  Jon said that he does not remember any of the buildings being so bright when he was little.  I guess someone decided to make Carolina Beach look like a bubble gum machine and it took off like wildfire.

Britts Ally

Carolina Beach has a carnival area.  Unfortunately, the rides are not open during the day so we could not flip upside down and spin around and such.  Looked like fun though.  It was really a good thing, because if we were to go on all those rides we would not have been able to eat as many Britts.

Carolina Beach Carnival

Jon wanted to show me his favorite tidal pools he used to play in.

Fort Fisher Tide Pools

They were all covered in this green seaweed type stuff.  It felt really nice on  your feet, it was soft instead of slimy.  So, I worked in an unplanned spa treatment for free.

Fort Fisher Tide Pools

How cool are these trees?  They are across from the Fort Fisher Museum.  We lasted about 3 minutes in there and we were bored.  Just not our kind of thing.  Jon would rather play in the trees (see below).

Fort Fisher North Carolina

These flowers were everywhere.  Anyone know what they are called?  I think they should be called flame flowers, because one, they are colors of flames and two, they were surrounded by fire ants.

Fort Fisher Flowers

See, that is more fun than looking at old stuff.

Jon in a tree

Then we went to the Fort Fisher Aquarium.  Jon remembered it being much bigger, guess it was just because he was much smaller then.  I don’t think I had ever seen an albino alligator before though.

Albino Alligator

Love these jelly fish. Don’t they look so soft? Looks like some wedding dresses are designed after this fish.

Jelly Fish

I like watching fish, always have.

Me looking at the fish

Have you ever been to Fort Fisher or had Britts? My  mouth is watering thinking about them.






Today I am thankful for: Still having a few chapters of The Help left to read during the rain.  What is better than a good book and rain?  Have you read The Help or have you seen the movie?

On a serious note:  To everyone in the path of Irene, I know it can seem like the news stations make a big fuss about these kinds of things, but please be safe and don’t under estimate mother nature.

9 thoughts on “Fort Fisher Day Trip

  1. Gere says:

    My mom used to call those flowers Indian Blankets. I looked for them and found this information:

    There are several different speices of Gaillardia. If it has yellow tips like this one it is (pulchella) if it is mostly the same color the species is (amblyodon). This beautiful flower is a member of the sunflower family (Asteraceae).

  2. Stacy says:

    Great pics! Love the one of you getting your “spa foot treatment” and of Jon “hanging around”. Hope you had a great weekend! I know I did and will be posting photos of our mini vacation soon.

  3. amy Cox says:

    Love the pics, I havent been to fort fisher in a long time makes me want to go back. Ever thought of doing a little photography as well? Love your perspective!

    • Meg says:

      Thanks Amy! You should go back, it is a fun day trip for sure. :) I have played with photography here and there. Not to make it a profession, but just something I would like to know how to do well. :)

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