Dreaming of Sea Glass

Lately I have been having some really strange dreams.  Last night was no exception.  I have had dreams about hunting and finding sea glass before, but this one takes the cake.  I was with a bunch of other sea glass enthusiasts and to search this way you had to be a die-hard beach comber.   We were all searching together on a very large beach.   It had the most unique shards I have ever seen.  The colors and shapes were out of this world.   You had to pay a price to get to these beautiful pieces though.  The waves were huge and far away.  The water would recede for only about 30 seconds to search, then another wave would come crashing down.  The catch is, you had to run about a quarter mile out to where the glass was for each 30 second interval!  It was so far to run back and forth for the 30 seconds, but was well worth it for how beautiful they were.  All of us would run out and look for our prize pieces for the very short 30 seconds then run back to safety to wait for the next opening.  I have actually looked for glass in this fashion before, however it was only a few feet to go back and forth, NOT a quarter mile!


Me waiting for the next wave to retreat!

Have you ever had sea glass hunting dreams? Please share!






Today I am thankful for: Jolly Ranchers, yumm, yumm!

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Sea Glass

  1. Greg Hill says:

    Hey Meg,
    I thought I would be your first comment on your blog. Looks like a good start to me.My Wife and I love looking for Beach Glass as well. I make a few things with the beach glass and my wife has made a sold some of here jewelry creations.
    Now it being winter time here in the Northwest it’s cold and the tides are in most of the time not allowing the beach to be exposed so much. It would be great to get out there today and just look for the beach treasures the beach provides but to cold.
    I will add your site to my Beach Glass blog site and tweet this for you in hopes it will bring some traffic to your nice site.
    Here’s to your success and to Your Beach Glass dreams.

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