DIY Decorating With Vintage Maps

Once upon a time, about 6 months ago, I had a great idea for this blank wall in our dinning room.  I wanted to use vintage maps to decorate the wall. blank-wall

It took a long time, but after countless searches on ebay I was able to find 4 similar size and era state maps.  Actually Cape Cod is not a state just to clarify.  I ended up getting all 4 maps from 4 different sellers.   I had planned on putting all 4 maps on the same wall, but when they arrived, I realized that the Cape Cod map was a reproduction which gave the colors and look a more updated appearance.  I decided it would be best to put that map on the opposite wall in between the windows instead.


We ventured to Old Time Pottery where we purchased 4 frames.  If you don’t have an Old Time Pottery where you live I feel bad for you, but we don’t have a Hobby Lobby so you can also feel bad for me if you have one of those.  We chose the silver colored frames to go with the silver frames on the gallery wall.  I have learned that it is much more affordable to purchase a piece of artwork in a frame than just a frame.  Our original idea was to take out the flower print and cut mats or have mats cut for each of the maps.  Then Jon had an idea.


The existing flower print had a similar design to our dining room chairs.


Why don’t we just put the maps on top? Gee wiz I married one smart and clever fella!


So that is what we did!  Here is New Jersey, where Jon is from.


Here is Connecticut where I am from.


And South Carolina, where we met and live together now. :)


We also included Cape Cod because I did live there as well and we have traveled there together.


Here is what the wall looks like now.   I just love the way the colors in the maps work so well with the color of the wall.

Maps-on-the-wallI am embarrassed to admit that we had the frames and maps for a few months before we actually got around to putting them together.   I wish it had been completed a long time ago.  We could have been enjoying them this whole time.  Does this ever happen to you?  You have a great idea for decorating or crafting and have all the supplies and put off completing it for a long time?  As Nike says “just do it” then you will be able to enjoy.  It is the start of the weekend, I hope you have some time to get to one or two of your projects that has been lingering.







Today I am thankful for: Homemade pizza we are having for dinner tonight! Yummy.

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  1. Michael says:

    This must be a sign, I came across this article and had to comment. The founder of Old Time Pottery was from Cape Cod, he passed away in 2008. His wife is from Connecticut. Prior to starting the Old Time Pottery Corporation they lived in South Carolina. In the early 1970’s they lived in New Jersey. Thanks for shopping at Old Time Pottery, the frames look great!

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