Carter Sea Glass Design Challenge 2016

Carter Sea Glass Design Challenge 2016

Welcome to the first annual Carter Sea Glass Design Challenge!  

Now having been a sea glass jeweler for 7 years and an active member of the sea glass community, I have seen so many wonderful pieces of art that use sea glass.  Jewelry, figures, landscapes, window panes, photography, sculptures, mosaics… the list goes on and on.  Something about sea glass brings out the creativity in all of us.  I just love seeing how the same medium of sea glass can be used in so many ways.  I thought it would be really fun for all of us to do something together.  For months now I have been thinking up a way for all the sea glass artists of the world to unite in one fun activity.  So I present the first annual Carter Sea Glass Design Challenge!

Inspiration is a funny thing.  I find it comes when you least expect it.  Doing yard work and seeing the way moss is growing on a branch or observing the shape of a cloud.  Others may find inspiration from a color or the melody of a song.  The “challenge” part of the design challenge is that we will all be inspired from the same thing.  The 2016 design challenge inspiration is from the poem, rebirth by Dawn Whitehand.


the sun no longer wept
its tears cleansing the land
rivulets cascading gurgled
filling thirsty creekbeds
cracked furrows created over time
now bubbled sparkly bright
green sprouts battling dead earth
win and burst forth soft fronds
greeting the chirp of eager wings
flapping and remembering enthusiasm
while the long shadows of dusk
wait intrepidly for a new day

~ Dawn Whitehand ©2015

About Dawn Whitehand

Dawn has been writing poetry since the age of fourteen, and has been published in various media, the latest being Felanzine Magazine. She is also an accomplished visual artist, having exhibited widely throughout Australia (her home country) and overseas. Her blog features her own poetry accompanied by original drawings inspired by her verse.

Visit Dawn's Website

Thank you Dawn for writing the poem for this challenge :)

This design challenge is intended to celebrate what it is to be a true artist.  Inspiration should come from the soul of each artist.  It is something you need to find within yourself. I hope you can dig deep into parts of your creativity you never have before to be inspired by this poem and show the world your true originality.

For the entire month of January, I am challenging you to create with sea glass by pulling your inspiration from this poem.  When the month is complete I will spend two weeks compiling all of the entries into a presentation of every single entry to be shared on the big reveal day of February 14, Valentine’s Day!   When presented, each entry will have the inspiration story of each artist, their name and a link to their website and facebook page.  So this is not only a challenge for you to expand your creative mind – it is also a promotional opportunity for you to share your art.


  • You must use genuine sea glass.  (no man-made or artificially tumbled glass)
  • You must use at least one physical piece of sea glass or sea pottery.
  • You may only enter one artistic creation per person.
  • You may only enter your own original work.

The Process - Follow these steps in order

  1. Read the poem.
  2. Read the poem again.
  3. And again as needed to really grasp the meaning and imagery it brings to you personally
  4. Plan and design, this process is different for everyone, for some it takes seconds and others, days.
  5. Tell others about the challenge and that you are participating (maybe share or post your sketches of what you have planned) The more people that participate and know about the challenge, the more fun it will be for everyone at the end.  I would recommend not sharing your final product until everyone’s creations are revealed on Valentine’s Day.  Inspiration should come from each individual’s creative mind.  If you expose too much, it might seep into someone else’s unintentionally.
  6. Create
  7. Photograph your final product so you have one quality image to present (see format and size information below).
  8. Submit your creation in the form below on or before January 31, 2016.
  9. Celebrate that you created something you are really proud of and is original to you.  No one else in the world will have your same creation because it came from you and your own creativity.
  10. Celebrate some more, you did awesome!
  11. Wait for Valentine’s Day.
  12. On Valentine’s Day come back here and see all the beautiful creations!


How do I win the challenge?

The design challenge is intended as a challenge against your own creativity, not against each other.  Winners and prizes are not a part of the challenge.

Does it have to be jewelry?

No.  It can be any kind of visual art that can be photographed.

What is the winning prize?

Please see the 1st FAQ: How do I win the challenge?

Can I share my creation?

It is up to you if you want to share your work.  However, I would encourage you to wait to share your final piece until after February 14, 2016.  It will be more fun if we all wait to see everyone’s final product at once.  If you want to let everyone know you are participating in the design challenge, maybe sharing your work in progress would be a better alternative.

What is the challenge deadline to enter?

The last day to submit your entry is January 31, 2016.

When will the entries be shared?

All the entries will be presented on February 14, 2016.

I don’t have a business. Can I still participate?

Of course.  Anyone can participate!

How many pieces of sea glass need to be included in my design?

At least one physical piece of genuine sea glass or sea pottery needs to be included in your final product.

Can I submit a design drawing or partially finished piece?

No, your entry should be in showcase format.

What format and size should my picture be?

JPG or PNG format only.  File size maximum size is 4 megabytes.  To resize an image or get more information about image editing you can visit
What do I get for entering?

You get to be a part of something new and exciting in the sea glass world.  You get to have your artwork listed and shown among all of the other participants.  The Carter Sea Glass Design Challenge I hope will become a yearly activity for many sea glass artisans and you can be listed among the first to take on the challenge and be a part of it for years to come.  Sea glass artists unite!

Can I use sea pottery in addition to or instead of sea glass?

Yes!  You are welcome to use sea pottery in addition to sea glass or instead of sea glass.

Can I enter more than one picture?

You can only enter one picture of your final product.

Can I enter more than one piece?

Only one entry per person.

Still have a question?

Ask me! Visit my contact page and complete the form.

Entry Form

The submission timeframe has come to an end for the Carter Sea Glass Design Challenge 2016.  What an incredible response!  Thank you ALL for your participation!

View the Submissions

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      I can’t wait to see what you come up with! You can use whatever site you would want people to be directed to. You do not have to use a facebook page, but you can also include one if you choose. :)

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