Amy’s Capture Jewelry Story

I have a story to tell you.  I will warn you now, if you are the sentimental type, you ARE going to cry.  When I came up with the concept for Capture Jewelry I knew it had the potential to be the kind of jewelry that not only looked beautiful, but also had a beautiful story behind each piece.  If you have been following for a long time you know that I came up with the concept of Capture Jewelry almost two years ago.  During this time I came up with lots of ideas for things to Capture.  I wanted to make samples for the launch of the new line and I also wanted to make useful samples, so I planned ahead.  This is the story for one of those pieces.  I warn you again, it’s a tear jerker.

Back in June, Jon and I attended our good friends’ Andrew and Amy’s wedding.  Remember I took lots of pictures and made fun pinwheels for the candy bar.

Andrew and Amy

See that beautiful dress?  It was perfect for so many reasons… I will let Amy tell that part of the story.  The following was on the back of their wedding program.Amy's Cotton Story


Amy’s brother Matt proudly walked Amy down the aisle.


Cotton was used in much of the decor and was the perfect southern touch.

Cotton boutonnieres

Little did Amy know I had a plan for one of my special first sample Capture Jewelry pieces.


I used a piece of cotton from her wedding day and captured it in a ring for her to always have with her.  Not only to remember her wedding day, but to remember the presence of her Dad on her and Andrew’s special day.  He will always be remembered.

Amy's Mom and Dad

I recently sent the ring to Amy and she told me it gave her goosebumps.  She said she wears it everyday! Thanks so much for letting me share your story Amy. :)

I can’t wait to hear the other beautiful stories behind each Capture Jewelry piece.  I plan on sharing many of them here on the blog from customers who wish to share their story.  If you have already purchased a Capture Jewelry piece and would like to share your story please contact me and tell me about it.  Visit the Capture Jewelry website by clicking here.






Today I am thankful for: Movie and pizza night!  We are watching Moneyball, have you seen it yet?

12 thoughts on “Amy’s Capture Jewelry Story

  1. Gere says:

    Whoa! So touching and heartfelt.

    Can you make me a capture ring with my daddy’s gloves? No? Well how about his flyswatter? I have kept these and I like to touch them as they have touched me. I fully understand why you are making capture rings. How wonderful to capture pieces of our memories.

    • Meg says:

      Thanks Gere! Anything that will fit can be captured. A small piece of the gloves or the flyswatter or a combination of the two, I am sure would fit. :)

  2. Amy Bartlett says:

    Meg, you are one of the most wonderful people I know. I thank you yet again for making such a memorable piece for me. I will treasure it always. XOXOXO – Amy

  3. Bebe Beasley says:

    I love the ring Meg! Amy proudly showed it off at Christmas. I sell Sara Blaine jewelry. I love wearing it and think it is special, but, I must say that your Capture jewelry is defintely more special….what a great idea…I wish you well with this very creative and innovative idea…thanks again for everything that you did to help with Amy’s wedding!!

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  5. Amy's Aunt Bunchie says:

    Today is the 12 annivery of her dad’s death, my brother. WOW, tonight I read your blog. Thank you for sharing this very special story. It was meant for me to see it today. The ring is Beautifully designed for a beautiful lady!

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