A New Kind of Love

Jon and I have a new love in our lives….. this little one.

Flipper 8 weeks

We both have a lot of love to give on this Valentines Day.  That’s right! We are expecting! We are so very, very excited about our little one.  We have named him or her Flipper for now and Flip for short.  This name came from week 7 when we learned that the arms and legs were more representational of paddles than arms and legs and that reminded us of Flipper.  I have been patiently waiting to tell you this news for months and I am so glad I can finally spill the beans.  I have quickly learned the most common questions one asks when they learn you are pregnant so I will answer those burning questions for you now.

Is this our first?
YES!  This will be the first baby on both sides of the family, so everyone is very excited.

How far along are you?
Today marks the middle of the 15th week.  I can’t believe how fast it has gone by, but also can’t believe how long we still have to go. (the ultrasound picture above is from week 9)

When are you due?
August 11th, right in the middle of the Olympics! At least we will have entertainment while in the hospital.

How have you been feeling?
I have been very, very lucky when it comes to symptoms.  During week 6 and 7 I felt a little queezy and smells were really bothering me.  I only had one bout of morning sickness.  The only major symptom I have had has been being sleepy.  For a few weeks I could hardly make it to 11am without taking a nap.  I am starting to get my energy back now though.

Have you had any cravings or aversions?
Cravings have been mild and only two things have stuck out as being strange requests.  Chocolate milk and Jolly Ranchers.  As far as things I don’t like anymore, coffee. I know it is a shocker, I am a coffee lover too.  It is best though, I can’t have it anyway.  For a while there I could not even stand the smell of it.  Food that I am really missing is cold cuts especially Jimmy Johns.   Jon has already promised to bring me Jimmy Johns while I am in the hospital.

Are you going to find out the sex?
Yes!  We will be able to find out the sex at our appointment the first week of April.

Do you have names picked out?
We have a girl name picked out, but we seem to be having more trouble with the boys name.  However, we have decided to leave the name a surprise until the baby arrives.  This is driving some family members crazy.  We figured since we are finding out the sex of the baby the name can be a surprise.

Are you showing yet?
I just started to.  It is very strange for me as I have always been blessed with a fast metabolism and have never gained significant wight before in my life.

Have you started decorating the nursery yet?
Not yet, but we have selected the furniture and have lots of ideas.  I will be blogging about this process for sure.

How did you tell your family and when?
We told both sets of parents while celebrating Christmas.  We purchased two stork ornaments and wrapped them up as the last gift given.  Both parents and families were very surprised and excited.

I think that covers most of the questions that have come up.  Jon and I can’t begin to describe how excited we are.  I will be sharing some of our journey here on the blog.  However, I don’t intend for the blog to turn into a parenting or baby blog.  As you know I normally post about what I am up to and what is going on and this is what happens to be going on.  I have lots of projects planned for decorating and I think the baby will end up having the nicest room in the house.  It will be fun to share the process with all of you.  Thanks for letting me finally share this exciting news with you!  Talk about the theme of GROW for the year… you get it now don’t ya?






Today I am thankful for: All the love I feel today and everyday.  Happy Valentines Day!!!!

23 thoughts on “A New Kind of Love

  1. Jill says:

    Oh my gosh I am so excited for you!! Wasn’t keeping that secret just the hardest thing ever?? Not telling our parents was the hardest part. How do you feel about the weight gain? Since I never really cared before, I am now just amazed by it. It’s good weight! :-) We will have to plan trips to Southport at the same time and meet up at the pool next summer. Our babies will only be 2 months apart! Yay! Congrats again!

    • Meg says:

      Yes! Keeping the secret was very hard, but oh so worth it when it was time to tell. :) The weight gain is kind of strange right now for me, but I am sure I will get used to the idea. Yes, let me know when you plan on heading over to Southport since I am closer I will work around you. :)

  2. Sylvia says:

    Hi Meg and Jon!!
    Congrats again! I just got back from our daughter’s baby shower in N.J. (I did post some pics on FB). It is a very EXCITING time!! My daughter misses having coffee too. She is due April 9th.
    We’ll talk soon~Best of everything!

  3. Amy Bartlett says:

    I am beyond thrilled for you guys. You’ll be such fun parents! Hope we get to see a “baby bump” soon. What an ADORABLE pregnant lady you’ll be!!

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