A Funny Thing Happend Thanksgiving Morning

Jon and I have “claimed” Thanksgiving as our holiday.  We have both sides of the family over for the feast.  You may remember last year when it was our first year hosting and we built our table.  We learned a lot last year about how to host Thanksgiving.   We took notes on what we would do differently this year and it made a huge difference.  Last year we took on too much and the day of, we did not sit once to enjoy our company.  By the time I sat down to have dinner I was not even hungry.  So this year we delegated more things and everyone brought something for the feast.  We also prepared as much as we could the day before so it could just be finished on Thursday.  We planned so well this year that before company arrived I actually had an hour to kill.  Instead of relaxing I decided I needed to do a project to make the meal more enjoyable.  My wonderful idea was to make what I was calling “pretty butter.”

At my bridal shower 3 1/2 years ago I received 3 pineapple shaped butter molds that were tied to the top of 3 gifts.  I had no clue how to use them, but figured it can’t be that difficult.  The molds also happen to be from someone special that just recently passed away.  We wanted to commemorate her by making the “pretty butter.”  Notice I said we, by now I had recruited my Mom for the “pretty butter” challenge.   So what we will call plan A was to squish the butter into the metal mold then dip them in warm water to release the butter from the mold.  This resulted in melting the butter so no shape was visible at all.  Plan B was my Aunt Beth’s idea to freeze the molds with the butter.  This resulted in cold butter that we were not able to get out of the molds.  On to plan C put the butter in a plastic bag and cut the tip of the bag to make a pastry bag.  This resulted in butter looking like spaghetti.  Not exactly the “pretty” I was going for.  By this time we had an audience and Jon had joined in and tried plan D a second plastic bag with softer butter.  This resulted in the bag exploding all over the counter.  On to plan E my cookie press.  I got out my cookie press and filled it with butter.  This either almost broke the press or just made a butter goo mess very far from pretty.  On to plan F put the molds back into the freezer and leave it in longer like 15 – 20 minutes then give it to Jon to get out….. Success!!!! We have pretty butter.  So after 3 sticks of butter, very greasy counters, hands and cookie press we finally had “pretty butter.”  The “pretty butter” is still in our fridge, no one would use it after what we went through to make it.  We had a happy Thanksgiving, I hope you did too!

I forgot to pick a winner for the $50 store credit giveaway! Thank you to everyone that participated. It was nice to read your thankful comments, I read them all. :) I did not count Jon’s comment in the giveaway… his wife can make her own jewelry!

Congratulations Lynn! I will be emailing you! :)

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Hope you had a great holiday and are getting excited about the next! ;)






Today I am thankful for: Actually being able to pull off throwing a surprise party for Jon on Saturday.  It’s really hard to lie to your spouse, I still can’t believe I was able to do it.


3 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happend Thanksgiving Morning

  1. Lynn says:

    very excited and thankful to be the winner of the giveaway and now I want to attempt “pretty butter” for my next get together – sounds like a blast! :)

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