5 Things You Get & 3 Things You Give When You Buy Handmade Products

5 things you get and 3 things you give when you buy handmade goods

When you purchase a handmade product you are not only getting a wonderful handmade good, you are getting and giving so much more.  Whether it be a handmade craft brew or sea glass engagement ring (the two handmade things produced in my home) you are making a wise purchase and here is why.

5 things you get

Great craftsmanship – The craftsmanship of a handmade good far exceeds the norm of a mass produced item.  In most cases, one set of eyes has overseen the entire product from start to finish seeing the process and production of each individual piece.  Quality control is top priority and is done by hand, not by machine.  Artists have pride in their work and won’t ship a product that is not up to their high standards.

Great materials – Although cost is a factor when choosing materials to make a handmade product, it is not put before quality.  Artists will spend more on a quality material to offer a better product instead of choosing a cheap material and offer a product of lesser quality.

A one-of-a-kind item – Artists get bored easily and love to try new things.  Chances are, they will be changing their line of products with time, so your purchase is a limited edition and quite often a one-of-a-kind.

An improved product – As the artist, the product is first used by themselves.  After experiencing exactly how the product functions, adjustments are made for the next version.  Each time the product is made, it is perfected.  After the item is available for purchase they may receive feedback or hear of customers with issues.  All of this information is taken into consideration for the next version of the product.  No meetings with CEOs or waiting for approvals from higher-ups.  The artist changes the product exactly how it needs to be changed the very next time it is made.  Experiencing and hearing first hand about issues with the product gives the artist the opportunity to fix the problem immediately going forward.

Awesome customer service – Have a question about your purchase? Call or email the artist and chances are, wow, you actually get a human on the phone, not a machine.  And double-wow, it’s actually the person that made the product!  The artist knows the product better than anyone and will be able to advise or fix a problem better than anyone in the world.  An artist has a name, product, and business to protect for the sake of their livelihood.  For this reason, a handmade product will be better quality overall and you will get the best service and future help with your product so their reputation stays at the best possible level.

Fin First

Fin First

Cool, one-of-a-kind, hand drawn graphic tees.

Memory Quilts by Lauryn Martin

Memory Quilts
by Lauryn Martin

Custom memory quilts made from cherished items that deserves a life “outside of the box”.

Photo credit Nichole Tow Photography

Made By Meg - Genuine Sea Glass Jewelry

Made By Meg

Genuine sea glass jewelry. It’s what the waves intended.

3 things you give

Local economic boost – Communities are built off of small businesses.  When you purchase a handmade product from an artist, a much larger percent of your purchase goes back to your own community than a mass produced product.  Small businesses have less overhead and employees to pay, so their profits are greater, giving them the opportunity to put money back into your own local economy.

Hope for the future – Handmade goods are an art.  Many tricks of the trade are passed down through families, mentors and teachers.  In order for handmade goods to be available in the future, the trades need to be mastered by the next generation.  Artists can only continue their craft if they have the supplies to do so.  When you purchase from them, you are giving them the opportunity to carry on the trade and tradition.

Feed the artist’s heart and soul – Artists are a unique bunch.  We are creative, hardworking, passionate and often sensitive.  Making and sharing art with you is what we live for. When you purchase from us you provide a sense of accomplishment. You remind us that we matter and our artwork matters.  The confidence and satisfaction that is felt by the artist when their work is purchased is so rewarding to their pride and soul.  Artists spend years perfecting their craft and go through many failures and lessons to create a product worthy of selling.  Knowing that you are supporting an artist with your purchase and letting them continue creating what they love means more than you know.

As an artist, I want to thank all the customers that have purchased from me. Without my customers, my business would be nothing but a hobby. I appreciate each and every person that has supported me and has made it possible to let me live my dream.

Next time you have a gift to purchase or want something truly unique as a treat for yourself, consider buying a handmade product. Now knowing all the things you get and give by buying handmade, it is kind of a no-brainer right?

Let’s spread the love… If you are an artist and have a handmade product that you sell, I encourage you to post a link and a description of your product in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “5 Things You Get & 3 Things You Give When You Buy Handmade Products

  1. sevina yates says:

    Perfect words and I couldn’t agree more. I am a fine art wildlife and landscape painter with several awards but finding people who truly love my paintings and want to take them home is what I am all about. Art lasts an untold amount of lifetimes.
    You have beautiful jewelry! :-)

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