2011 North American Sea Glass Festival, You Should Go and Here’s Why


sea glass festival

Last year when I attended the 2010 North American Sea Glass Festival as a spectator I was blown away by the entire experience.  I was amazed at the talent of the jewelers, the craft people, and what they create with sea glass.  I was further impressed by the comradery between all of the vendors and enthusiasts.  I am so honored and privileged to be a vendor this year.

Here are 8 great reasons to attend the 2011 North American Sea Glass Festival!

1. You can enter the shard of the year competition.  You can bring your favorite piece of sea glass you have found and enter it into the competition.  You can see more information about the shard of the year here.   You have the opportunity of winning one of the 11 categories and receiving a cash prize!

2. You can bring your sea glass to have it examined.  Experts will be in attendance to share their knowledge.

3. See lots of sea glass products.  See a listing of vendors.

4. Meet other sea glass enthusiasts and experts.

5. Attend lectures about sea glass and its history. See lecture schedule.

6. Buy sea glass jewelry and other sea glass products.

7. Buy loose sea glass to make your own jewelry or crafts.

8. I will be there! I will be at booth #103 in the Monmouth Ballroom.  If you plan to attend this weekend please stop by and see me.  Please introduce yourself, I love to put faces with my fans! :)

To see more information about this weekend’s sea glass festival, you can visit The North American Sea Glass Association website or view the brochure.






Today I am thankful for: My time management over the past month to prepare for this show and I only have a few little things left to do.  Can’t wait!!!! :)


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