2011 North American Sea Glass Festival From Meg

The 2011 North American Sea Glass Festival was a hit! The association did a wonderful job coordinating and organizing this festival. I was so honored to be one of the 50+ vendors this year. If you have been following the blog for a while now, you know Jon and I spent the past few weeks building new components of my display for this show. We had many cups of coffee with sawdust in them to complete these pieces, it was all worth it though. We were thrilled with the final result.

sea glass pendant display

We built these great steps for all of the pendants which are now all displayed on their own card. Each step has a little groove for the card to sit in. The second day we even put more pendants out by making another line on the bottom leaning against the first step. The steps and angle of the cars made viewing all the pendants easy.

sea glass pendants

We also built a new display for necklaces. In the past I had laid the necklaces on the table in a row. It did not show the styles well in my opinion so we needed a new display for them too. We built a turn-style display that holds 64 necklaces! We named it Crisco. Want to know why? When it was all done it was spinning, but not as easily as we had hoped. We had anticipated this would happen because it is fairly heavy. Jon was going to grab wax from his dad, but he forgot so we resorted to the kitchen where we found Crisco that did the trick. As Jon said when we were applying it “The Help would be happy with us” (if you read the book or saw the movie you know this is a fact). sea glass jewelry display made by meg

See those awesome table cloths and table runners my Mom made? They really completed the look. Thanks again Mom, love you! :)

made by meg sea glass display

Rings were one of the best sellers for the weekend. I made lots of rings for the festival.

made by meg sea glass rings

The show was wonderful. I met so many new and old customers, fans, beachcombers, collectors, jewelers and sea glass enthusiasts. I wish I could share more photos with you, but I can’t for two reasons: One, I was at my booth 95% of the time and Two, photography at the show was prohibited. I am sure you will see pictures of the entire event on the NASGA website soon. The shard of the year was quite impressive from what I understand. The crowd was so big I could not get a close look at it. That should be on the site soon too.

I have a lot of thank yous to make:

North American Sea Glass Association – For organizing another great festival and letting me be a part of it. :)

Relish – For being great booth mates and making me feel so welcome. :)

Roxann and Steve Williams – Asking Jon and I countless times during the festival if we needed anything and getting us duct tape when we needed it. :)

The Bodmer Family – For supporting Made By Meg and taking us out for dinner. :) oh and the chocolates.

All the customers that chose to purchase from Made By Meg – You contributed to making this weekend the best in Made By Meg history!!!! :) You had a lot of vendors and jewelry to choose from and the fact that you chose my jewelry truly touches my heart.

All the people who stopped at my booth to say hi – it was nice to meet all of you.

Kelly – For cutting tissue paper and helping with other last minute things.

Mom – For making the table cloths and table runners. For coming all the way up to NJ to support me and for wearing your Made By Meg official sea glass hunter shirt.

Dad – For coming all the way up to NJ to support me and for wearing your Made By Meg official sea glass hunter shirt.

Jon – Where do I begin…? Building my display, supporting me, letting me hug out my stress, taking care of customers for me, packing the car, hanging up my MBM sign over and over as it kept falling, driving me to NJ, driving me back to SC and just being you….I love you.

Today I am thankful for: Feeling better. I thought I was coming down with a cold, but it turns out, I think it was allergies.

13 thoughts on “2011 North American Sea Glass Festival From Meg

  1. Kelly says:

    Amazing!!! :) The display looks AWESOME! You and Jon Jon did a great job. I’m a very proud sister once again. Love you and congratulations on such a successful weekend. Was my favorite ring the first to go? For those of you who don’t know I am Meg’s older sister. I tend to lend a hand to Made by Meg from time to time. My favorite thing to do while helping is pick my favorites and determine the order they will be sold. :)

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