Tools and Equipment To Make Sea Glass Jewelry

Tools and equipment to make sea glass jewelry

Sea glass has a way of making the creativity in all of us reveal itself. Being such a beautiful medium naturally leads most of us wanting to create jewelry. Making sea glass jewelry is a craft that is friendly to all skill levels. It can be very intimidating trying to figure out where to start […]

“Travel Size” Carter Sea Glass Color & Rarity Guide Now Available

Carter Sea Glass Color and Rarity Guide - travel size

You asked for it. Here it is! The Carter Sea Glass Color & Rarity Guide is now available in a smaller size of 12 x 9 inches. When the original sea glass poster was first released, we had no idea it would be so popular. In a little over a year’s time, there have been […]

Happy Birthday! The Carter Sea Glass Guide Is One

Carter Sea Glass Color Rarity Guide

I can’t believe it has already been a year! One whole year since I released the Carter Sea Glass Color and Rarity Guide. This little idea that I had one night has turned into sea glass lovers all over the world having a piece of my artwork on their wall. I am blown away on […]

The Reveal – Carter Sea Glass Design Challenge 2016

The Reveal - Carter Sea Glass Design Challenge 2016

Wow! What an amazing response! I am so excited about how the first year of this challenge has gone. 40 entries in total!!! That is far beyond what I had expected. I want to thank each one of you for participating. I hope everyone enjoyed the experience of stretching your creativity. I encourage each of you […]

Carter Sea Glass Design Challenge 2016

Carter Sea Glass Design Challenge 2016

Welcome to the first annual Carter Sea Glass Design Challenge!   Now having been a sea glass jeweler for 7 years and an active member of the sea glass community, I have seen so many wonderful pieces of art that use sea glass.  Jewelry, figures, landscapes, window panes, photography, sculptures, mosaics… the list goes on […]

Orion Welders Feature Video

Meg Carter working with an Orion welder

I have struggled with writing this blog post because it is such a big event in my career and life, that I want to give it justice, but I also had no idea where to even start.  My career as a jeweler has been filled with so many wonderful experiences.  It has been a series […]

Lyme Disease Awareness Necklace Auction

Lyme Disease necklace

I grew up in Connecticut – the state that Lyme Disease was first discovered.  It is named after Old Lyme, CT.  The northeast is well known for ticks and tick bites.  I always knew this growing up there.  It was important to check your skin and hair after being outside especially in the woods when […]

Introducing the Carter Sea Glass Color and Rarity Guide

Carter Sea Glass Color Rarity Guide

Now that the Carter Sea Glass Color and Rarity Guide has been available for two weeks and has had an overwhelming response, first I want to say thank you.  I can’t believe the response from all of you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the likes, comments, shares, kind words, […]

Made By Meg is Green

Made By Meg is green

These days it is not only cool to be green, but it’s important.  Helping future generations and sparing little bits of energy here and there all add up if we all do our part.  I try to do my part where and how I can when it comes to running my business.  I not only […]

5 Things You Get & 3 Things You Give When You Buy Handmade Products

5 things you get and 3 things you give when you buy handmade goods

When you purchase a handmade product you are not only getting a wonderful handmade good, you are getting and giving so much more.  Whether it be a handmade craft brew or sea glass engagement ring (the two handmade things produced in my home) you are making a wise purchase and here is why. 5 things […]

I’m back!

Sea glass engagement ring

Long time no see, unless you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (@madebymeg).  Although I love blogging, after having my daughter Clara two years ago life seemed to get in the way.  Juggling many balls and keeping them all up was a difficult task and the one ball I had to drop was blogging.  I […]

Chelsea’s Capture Story

Every item of Capture Jewelry is made by hand. When you order a Capture Jewelry piece, you will have a keepsake of a special time, a place, or a memory. Capture Jewelry is a clear piece of glass– in the shape of either a circle, square or oval– bezel set with fine sterling silver, showcasing […]