Every item of Capture Jewelry is made by hand. When you order a Capture Jewelry piece, you will have a keepsake of a special time, a place, or a memory.

Capture Jewelry is a clear piece of glass– in the shape of either a circle, square or oval– bezel set with fine sterling silver, showcasing a special object for you.

Tell your story. Sand from the beach where he proposed; rose petals from your wedding day; a piece of clothing from a lost loved one; a lock of hair from a grandchild, earth from breaking ground on your first home; dried grass off the tee box where you got your first hole-in-one. Visit the ideas and inspiration page to see what others have captured. You can also click on an item to read the story behind each Capture piece. Capture jewelry makes a heartfelt gift for someone else or the perfect keepsake for you. Your choice is limited only by your imagination. I can’t wait to see what you will capture.


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