Non Metal Wedding Rings

Recently I was asked a burning question on my blog.  “is it possible to make an engagement ring/ wedding set completely out of sea glass?”  I thought it sounded like a strange question and I immediately started thinking of ways that it could be done, but was also wondering why.  Turns out the person asking the question is highly allergic to all types of metal.   What a predicament?  I started thinking how frustrating that would be to find a wedding ring that is not metal.

First, I came up with a way that sea glass could be used for such a thing.  The top rim of bottles are often found and collected by beachcombers I have quite a few myself.  Although this idea would work, I would not recommend it.  For a wedding set they would be quite bulky and would not stand the test of time.

After ruling out sea glass, I took it upon myself to find other alternatives for this situation.  I am sure she is not the only person with this predicament.  Beyond that, brides are thinking more outside the box with their wedding rings.  Alternatives to the common wedding rings are becoming more and more popular.  You are seeing more wedding rings that are not diamonds.  You see more pearls or gemstones now or even sea glass wedding rings like I make.  When the entire wedding ring needs to be an alternative material my first thought was ceramic.  Ceramic rings are actually very common.  They look very similar to titanium or tungsten rings.  Although a ceramic ring would work for this problem, in my opinion, they are very masculine looking.  You can see them here.  So, I came up with three other great materials and fantastic artists that will do the trick.


The first material I found is acrylic, Aubeebop Jewelry in Aberdeen Scotland makes beautiful acrylic rings that would be a great alternative wedding ring.  Check out Aubin’s Etsy store where you can special order Acrylic rings.

Acrylic Ring Aubeebop


Another non-metal alternative wedding ring is using wood.  I found Stout Woodworks on Etsy they are located in the US and they have high quality wedding ring sets in all different types of wood.  See their store on Etsy to special order wooden rings.  These wooden wedding rings are a beautiful option for men and women.  Some of the rings also have inlays that dress up the ring for an eye catching design.

Stout Woodworks wooden rings


A third alternative material is porcelain.  I found MaaP Studio on Etsy.  MaaP located in the UK makes beautiful rings out of porcelain.  The rings can vary in color and shape.  The medium also gives the opportunity to be very creative in the design.  MaaP Studio also makes rings for him. Visit MaaP Studio on Etsy and Facebook.  You can also visit their website.

MaaP Studio Porcelain ring

For the bride that likes to think outside the box, these 3 artists and materials would work wonderful for a wedding set.  Have I missed any other non metal materials that would work well for wedding rings? Let me know if you think I should add to the list.

All of the artwork and photos are copyright of the artists and have been used with their permission.  All of the opinions presented are my own and I was not paid for any type of publicity.   These artists were just found with some good ol’ fashion Etsy searching.






Today I am thankful for: Jon winning $107 in gas money on the radio this morning. :)

20 thoughts on “Non Metal Wedding Rings

  1. Stacy says:

    WOW! Love these ideas, while I can’t imagine being allergic to all types of metal I can say that I have a nontraditional wedding ring. I wanted something flat that wouldn’t catch, considering all the things I do with my hands. I am also not a diamond girl. Hubby found the perfect flat engagement ring, with my garnet birthstone front and center, we then had a wedding band custom made with the diamonds from my mother’s wedding band. Hubby’s ring is pretty sentimental as well, he wears my dads wedding ring. My father passed away a few years before I met hubby, I was able to have a piece of daddy with me on my special day and that’s how my special wedding ring comes full circle. Maybe more than was necessary, but I love to tell the story of our wedding rings. I think it’s wonderful when men and women think outside the box for such an occasion. The wood really is striking and so unique.

    • Meg says:

      Thanks for sharing Stacy! That sounds beautiful. Wedding rings are so special, that is why I am always so honored when someone asks me to create one for them. So special. :)

  2. Boris says:

    Hi Meg,
    You are a very creative woman. All ideas that you give almost never occurred for me. I never thought of marry a girl using a beautiful porcelain ring. Well, as long as it is commonly heard is metal wedding ring and diamond studded. Yes, it is ring that I used to marry my wife 2 years ago.
    I imagine my wife wearing the porcelain ring. I know it would be very nice on her finger. I want to marry her again with that ring… LOL.

  3. Katie Lenneville says:

    Thanks, I am allergic to all type of metal as well. It is nice to know there are some options out there that are stylish. I appreciate the links!


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  5. FeFe_tweets says:

    I LOVE this post! I’ve never been much into the traditional jewelry. Especially due to mining conditions. The Bentwood Rings and the Porcelain rings sites are simply amazing. I’m so thankful that you took the time to research these sites, and that I was able to locate your blog so quickly through a Google search. I will be back to check on your future blogging!

    Thanks again!!

  6. Kate says:

    Meg – I just came across this post and wanted to thank you for doing this research! I am allergic to gold and nickel and am even unable to wear my platinum engagement ring or wedding band. I have been searching for years for an alternative, and this post has sparked new optimism in being able to find an option. Thank you again, Kate

  7. samantha says:

    Thanks so much! my boyfriend (future fiance) is an electrician. He didn’t want to where his ring to work, because of the danger. Now I know I can get him these rings as a surprise. Thanks to you i have many options.

  8. KONA LOVELY says:

    I am allergic to all type of metal as well. I’m from Liberia and it is nice to know there are some options out there that are stylish. I appreciate the links!

  9. Jolene says:

    My mum developed a mild allergy to metal. She still wears her rings for special occasions, but can’t for every day. I bought her a hematite ring that she can wear for the not-so-special occasions. I’ve also seen rings made of other stones like jade, sandstone, coral, and marble. which are nice alternatives as well.

  10. Max says:

    My wife has an allergic reaction to most metals, so I have been looking for an alternative to metal rings. I came across an Arizona based company that makes rings out of silicone. The idea is that they are safe for people like emergency workers, electricians, and other professions that would make wearing a metal ring dangerous. I don’t know if it’s okay to post their website here or not, so if you want to know about them you can do a Google search for the word “saferingz”.

  11. Mrs. D. says:

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for these suggestions! I did not develop an allergy to metals until after we were married, and we have tried many alternatives. My husband made me a ring out of wood one year, but it broke after a while. I crocheted a ring out of embroidery thread, but it looked really dorky. Right now, I’m using a seashell ring (one that cost 99 cents at some “Waves” type store in Myrtle Beach, and was probably intended for someone at least 25 years younger than me). These ideas are much more elegant and have been shown *wink, wink* to the hubs. (I’ll check out saferingz, too, Max.) Christmas and my birthday are coming soon! It would be really nice to have a real ring again. :)

  12. Janae says:

    I’m also highly allergic to any metal if there is a trace of it I break out I was curious if you could make Rings out of stone? Ex: Quartz turquoise tigers eye jade?

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  15. Dana B Lassiter says:

    Hello! I have a teenage daughter who is highly allergic to all metals! (She can’t even go to high school… Her life has been so limited. I have been looking for jewelry for her. (We all know jewelry makes things better… and it’s always nice to have pretty things) We’re pretty new to this horrible allergy, so each day brings new challenges. If any of you who suffer with metal allergies have any suggestions on how to improve daily life and care to share please e-mail me @!

  16. Danielle says:

    I am allergic to medals as well so I have been looking for some creative ideas for awhile. I live in Florida and I am a beach girl, so the sea glass is so exciting to me. I also love the wood idea!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this

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