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On Saturday we helped my father in law, also known as Captain, pick up a second hand desk he purchased for his birthday.   After loading the desk into the car and bringing it to his house, we ate lunch.   During lunch he was talking about how he wanted to find a matching wooden chair to go with the desk.  Both Jon and I right away thought about his birthday gift and how we needed to find a wooden chair.  After we left his house we decided to go to a second hand store up the road.  When we got there we quickly found out they did not have any wooden chairs.  We were walking around looking at random things and stumbled upon a desk, a beautiful desk.   Jon and I are both very spontaneous when it comes to purchasing big items.   We both thought if the price is right it is going home with us.   We were afraid to ask the price as this was a big desk.   If you have ever been to a second hand store you know the prices of things can be all over the place something you think should be $10 will be $200 and other times things work more in your favor,  something  you think should be $200 is $10.  We figured the desk would be out of your price range.  Thinking it would be at least $700 we were both shocked when the salesman said “I will let it go for $300”.  After making sure it would fit in my car, we could not get out of there fast enough to get to an ATM.   We got back to the store paid for our new desk, loaded it into the car and we were off.  We then started talking about first how in the world we were going to get it out of the car and then how we would get it up the stairs and into the house.  From Jon’s guess the desk is about 300 pounds.  No chance him and I were getting that baby out of the car alone….. in comes Brad our neighbor – Thanks Brad!!!

Now the desk sits in our garage, it is surely going to be a 4 man job to get it up the stairs.  This desk is going to be the new desk for Jon’s web design business PixelBind!!! After we got it home I looked up the maker of the desk.  It’s made by Maitland- Smith.  I think I am going to contact them to see if I can get a replacement handle for the one that is missing and the key for the secret compartment.  Problem is, I have a feeling based on what I found on ebay and looking at their other desks we may end up paying more for the key and handle than we did for the desk. lol.  Check her out!

Maitland Smith Desk

I love the hand carved scrolling at the bottom.Maitland Smith DeskThis is the secret compartment under the desk. Wish we had the key.

Maitland Smith DeskThis snowflake design is in the very center leather of the desk.

Maitland Smith Desk

And this imprint is around the center leather piece.

Maitland Smith Desk

This is the stone? inlay in diamond shapes on the left and right side of the desktop.

Maitland Smith Desk

This is one of the handles… does it look familiar? Do you know where we can get a matching one?

Maitland Smith Desk

It’s so cool to think about the other business work that has been done on this desk over the years.  I think the company is only 30 years old so it just looks really old but is not that old.

Maitland Smith Desk

This is the room that we are going to be putting it in once we have 4 preferably hemanish type men ready to carry it up the stairs (we are taking applications).  This room is across from the dining room when you walk into the house and will be the new headquarters of PixelBind!  I am so glad we purchased this desk.  If we didn’t it would have always been “aww, remember that desk that time?” kind of thing…. now we have no regrets. :)

OfficeWe are going to have to figure out the arrangement of everything and get a chair for Jon, I don’t think the rocking chair is ideal. haha.  Oh and on a side note Jon’s sister Alli found a chair for Captain for us all to give him for his birthday! :)

Have you had any great thrift store finds lately?  I am linking up to Southern Hospitality for Rhoda’s thrift store finds link party, be sure to check it out to see what others have found.





Today I am thankful for: This you-tube video that Jon found for me.  We saw this on Americans Funnies Home Videos months ago and Jon found it online yesterday… it makes me laugh so hard I cry every time.  Where’s Bea????

12 thoughts on “Look what we found

  1. Sue says:

    That desk is a monster! Just think of all the work Jon can do on that baby. It is unique and I like it. I can’t wait to see it in the office area and what you will do around it.

  2. Nancy says:

    We recently purchased a Maitland-Smith display cabinet at Robb and Stuckeys (bankrupt) here in Scottsdale. It is just a small piece of furniture but the original price was just under $6000 (we got it for $1100!). It is missing a key, just like your desk. We contacted another dealer who carried Maitland-Smith and after figuring out which piece of furniture in their line it was(It had been discontinued), we were able to order a key for around $40. Takes 4 to 6 weeks to get it but I was just glad to be able to find it. I think you really scored a bargain. Good luck with the handle. I would think that you could find one close enough to look like a match. That handle looks familiar.

    • Meg says:

      Wow! Thanks for the info Nancy. It is good to know that it was possible for someone to find the missing key. The handle might be tricky, but I might give it a try or just replace all of them so they will match. Thanks again for the info.

  3. Phillip says:

    I found the same desk at a second hand store in Glenwood Spring Colorado. I was loking for a unique center piece desk… What is the name and model of the desk? I am also missing the key.

    • Meg says:

      That is so strange, Phillip! We donated the desk about a year ago because it was just too big for our office. I wonder if you ended up with ours!?!?! Sorry I can’t give you any more information.

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