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For this week’s Sea Breeze Spotlight, I would like to introduce Cynthia with Beach Coast Style.  Beach Coast Style is a blog that focuses on all things beachy.  I have enjoyed following Beach Coast Style and knew it would be a great blog to spotlight.  I contacted Cynthia and asked her a few questions and she quickly responded telling me more about her and her inspiration.  Take it away Cynthia….

When I started this blog only a few weeks back I had envisioned a place where the lifestyle of beach living could truly mesh with the everyday life of living there.  Each time I visit the beach I am always thinking about what else goes on there? Who are the business owners? What do they do when life on the beach goes away when the summer months end?   I have been planning on either building a beach home or buying an existing one when my children are off to college. I have only a few more years to go so I wanted to get started on saving money and getting to know the place better before I dived into living the beach life.   Thus, this blog got some legs.  I have been a huge blog reader for years probably when others where not evening thinking of blogging or reading them.  I had been told by family and friends why don’t you have a blog and I thought yeah right why don’t I have one.  So, after thinking on this for years I finally started this one and I am so glad i did.  It has been fun finding out what really makes me tick or write about each day.  It also has been fun getting to know the blog community.

There are a few beaches here in the state of Texas and most people don’t relate Texas to beach life, homes or boardwalks but it is available here.  We have Galveston which is the closest beach to me about 4 hours away and I try and get there a few times out of the year when it works with my schedule and the kids.  I would rate South Padre Island which is a the tip of Texas as more of a community where people go to vacation, live in condos and party a ton.  I am hoping in the future to go there more to explore the coastal area and all the goodness that’s there.  On my blog so far I have tried to include a little bit of everything probably with more of my focus on the designing and style of beach home I am hoping to enjoy one day.  I still have many milestones to go but, I plan on enjoying it along the way.

To tell you a bit about myself during the day I am a stock and forex trader of which I have been doing for about 2 years now.  Prior to that I had retired from owning a corporate gift company for about 8 years which was tons of fun, but it got a bit too busy for me with trying to raise kids and having a regular life so I decided it was time to find something else that was more conducive to my current life and that’s when stock trading came in.  It affords me the opportunity to work from home and help me save for that beach home I hope to have one day.


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Cynthia thanks so much for letting me feature you and your blog, keep those toes in the sand!





Today I am thankful for: Inspiration! The idea for a new jewelry line hit me last night wile relaxing on the deck.  Can’t wait to get into the studio this morning to give it a try. :)

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